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ANA Leadership & Governance

Leadership is an integral part of the nursing profession. At the American Nurses Association (ANA), leadership is a collaborative effort where the Membership Assembly works with the Board of Directors to chart the best course for nursing’s future.

ANA’s elected volunteer leaders are experienced, committed, health care professionals who work strategically with American Nurses FoundationAmerican Nurses Credentialing CenterAmerican Academy of Nursing, and ANA Political Action Committee. Through working together, these organizations are able to combine leadership talent and insight to develop a clear picture of what nursing needs today - and tomorrow.

The Membership Assembly

The ANA Membership Assembly is the governing and official voting body of the American Nurses Association (ANA). It is comprised of ANA members, who are representatives from ANA’s constituent member organizations (C/SNAs), Individual Member Division (IMD), and Organizational Affiliates (OAs).

Through the ANA Membership Assembly, a cross section of nursing leaders comes together to discuss national, timely, relevant nursing practice and policy issues of strategic importance, in an open forum. For more information on the Membership Assembly’s responsibilities, please see ANA Bylaws, Article III.


Standing committees

ANA has three standing committees that are accountable to the Membership Assembly:

These committees are comprised of ANA members with subject matter expertise in association governance and management, specifically the implications of bylaws, policy development, and internal leadership nominations for ANA.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, which is accountable to ANA members, is comprised of four officers and five directors-at-large, who are elected by the Membership Assembly. The board is responsible for fulfilling the corporate and fiduciary duties of ANA, setting the organization’s strategic direction, assuring adequate resources are available, and monitoring the organization to ensure attainment of strategic priorities. For more detailed information on the Board’s responsibilities, please see ANA Bylaws (Article IV, Section 3).

The ANA Board of Directors

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is an advisory body comprised of representatives from ANA’s constituent member organizations (C/SNAs), and Individual Member Division (IMD). The Leadership Council deliberates, strategizes, and advises on professional issues and organizational matters.
For more detailed information on the Leadership Council’s responsibilities, please see ANA Bylaws, Article V.

Other aspects of ANA governance

Committee on Appointments

The Committee on Appointments (COA) is responsible for recommending individuals for appointment to ANA boards and committees. Every year, the COA circulates a Call for Nominations for Appointed Positions to fill various volunteer positions. The Board of Directors makes appointments based on input received from the COA. 

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