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Nurses - along with ANA - do much more than treat ill patients. We promote public health and well being. Immunizations, for both nurses and the public, play a large role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases such as seasonal influenza. Do your part in keeping your self, your patients and your community safe by keeping up-to-date with immunizations.

Vaccinations protect the individual and the public from life-threatening, preventable diseases. Healthy individuals, as well as the most vulnerable, benefit from vaccinations. Health care providers, patients, families, and caretakers benefit from becoming immunized; and registered nurses have a responsibility in advocating for necessary vaccines throughout an individuals’ health care continuum. Neonates, pediatric, immunocompromised, and individuals experiencing chronic diseases are especially at high risk for developing preventable disease complications and should also become vaccinated.

Policy Statements

ANA has a long-standing policy supporting immunizations. ANA believes nurses have a professional and ethical obligation to be immunized - it protects the health of the nurse, patients, and the community.

Note: The below position statement is under revision as of 6/22/19. See this link for more information.

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