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Renew Your Certification

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Why do I need to renew my certification?

ANCC certification is renewed every 5 years to provide evidence of the expansion of professional knowledge and evidence of continued competence in your certification specialty.

Evidence of continual learning and competence can be demonstrated by completing professional development categories of continuing education, academic courses, presentations or lectures, publication or research, preceptorship, professional service, practice hours or assessment.

What are the renewal requirements?

Download Renewal Requirements [pdf]

Read General Testing & Renewal Handbook [pdf]

When do I renew?

You may submit a renewal application up to 1 year prior to your certification expiration. If your certification is not renewed before the expiration date, you may be ineligible to practice. Please submit renewal applications well in advance of the expiration date. Keep your online account up to date or inform ANCC of any address or name changes to receive renewal reminders. You are responsible to track your renewal date and submit renewal documents in a timely manner. If you are an advanced practice nurse, you may become ineligible to practice in your state beyond your certification expiration date.

How do I renew online?

Renewing online is an easy 2-step process. First enter completed professional development activities in your ANCC online account. Then, select your specialty below and follow the instructions.

How do I track CEs in my ANCC account?

  1. Collect professional development records from the past 5 years, licensing, and professional membership information.
  2. Create or login to your online ANCC account
  3. Enter and save Professional Development activities.
    From your account summary, top right column, under Professional Development find links to enter continuing education (contact hours), academic credits, presentations, publications/research, preceptorship and professional service.
  4. Save and log out.
  5. Click 'Certification' on the horizontal navigation, scroll to 'Choose Your Specialty'.
  6. Click your specialty and follow the instructions to renew online or by mail.

Ideally, you will record professional activities in your online account immediately after each activity during the 5-year certification cycle. This simplifies renewal and offers a secure, central location to track completion of certification requirements.


Email Customer Care or call 800.284.2378 
M-F, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST

How do I renew by mail?

If you are unable to renew online, you may renew by mail. Please choose one renewal method. Duplicate renewal applications will delay renewal of your certification.

  1. Download Renewal Requirements [pdf] and read Renewal FAQs.
    Refer to General Testing & Renewal Handbook [pdf]
  2. Download the Renewal Application [pdf]
    This is a fillable PDF form. Type directly into the application, then save to your computer and print. The latest version of Adobe Reader is required. Download Adobe Reader (Free)
  3. Complete and mail with requested supporting documents to the address on the renewal application.

Please Note: Applications, renewals or other forms and supporting documents are not accepted via fax. Please maintain evidence of completed continuing education and retain a copy of the completed certification renewal application in the event of an audit.


Email Customer Care or call 800.284.2378
M-F, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST

What happens after I submit my renewal?

You will receive confirmation of receipt, followed by communication by mail, phone, and/or email if there are any questions about your application or supporting documents. Once approved, you will receive a letter, followed by a new certificate, pin, and certification card in the mail.


The ANCC Advantage

Renewal Application [pdf]

Certifications must be renewed every 5 years. For more information on renewal requirements, please view the section on this web site titled Renew Certification.

General Testing and Renew

Reference all the policies, procedures, and fees pertaining to ANCC board certification.
Effective: April 1, 2017

Certification FAQs

Read the most up to date answers to frequently asked questions about ANCC's Certification applications, renewal, and verification

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