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Social Media

Social media is now a daily part of all our lives. It can not only be entertaining and informative, but it also has the potential to help your career as a nurse and the nursing profession in general.

ANA’s social channels

If you’re looking for best practice for nurses using social media responsibly, an excellent place to start would be our own social media channels: 


  • American Nurses Association
    Join almost 500,000 other health care professionals on the official Facebook page of the American Nurses Association (ANA).

  • ANA Government Affairs / RN Action
    ANA's Federal Government Affairs program helps nurses stay on top of legislative and regulatory issues. This page provides updates and information about how federal issues affect you and how you can be a nurse-advocate.

  • Online Journal of Issues Nursing
    The online community of The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing (OJIN), an online, peer-reviewed, international publication that addresses pertinent topics affecting nursing practice, research, education, and the health care sector.

  • Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation
    Have you taken up the Healthy Nurse, Health Nation challenge? Connect with fellow nurses to create and maintain a balance of physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, personal, and professional wellbeing.

  • ANCC Magnet® Conference Facebook page
    Follow this page to get all of the latest news – and ticket details – about the annual American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) National Magnet® Conference.

  • Graduate Student Page
    Learn about ANCC Certifications that graduate students can benefit from, as well as upcoming events and important updates to ANCC’s offering.

  • Disaster Certification Page
    A Facebook page focused on ANCC’s National Healthcare Disaster Certification – an inter-professional board certification that focuses on all phases of the disaster preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery cycles.

  • ANCC Pathway to Excellence® conference
    Follow this page to get all of the latest news – and ticket details – about the annual ANCC Pathways To Excellence® Conference.

  • Thank a Nurse
    A place to encourage nurses and remind all of us how vital everything nurses do is - even when no one sees the efforts and no one says "Thank You." Join/post to show your support for the people and the profession.          


  • @ANANursingWorld
    The official ANA Twitter feed.

  • @RNAction
    Follow ANA’s Government Affairs Team to keep up with all the news from Capitol Hill affecting the nursing profession.

  • @ANANurses
    Another ANA feed focusing on news from ANA and the achievements of the nursing community.

    The Twitter feed of the Online Journal Of Issues In Nursing (OJIN).

  • @ANAEthics
    The Twitter feed of Liz Stokes, senior Policy Advisor at ANA’s Center for Ethics and Human Rights.

  • @ANAPresident
    The Twitter feed of ANA President Dr. Pamela F Cipriano.

  • @ANCCMagCon
    Follow this feed to get all of the latest news – and ticket details – about the annual ANCC National Magnet Conference.



  • American Nurses Association
    The official ANA Instagram feed featuring inspiring imagery on the subject of ANA and nursing in general.

  • Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation
    Find inspiration to take up the Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation challenge, or inspire your colleagues with your own HNHN achievements.


  • NursesMatter
    The official ANA YouTube channel, where you’ll find a wealth of video materials on general nursing practice, advice on dealing with issues around nursing, and interviews with senior ANA figures.

  • NurseCredentialing
    ANCC’s YouTube channel features videos explaining the wide range of credentialing opportunities we offer.

  • Magnet Conference
    Find presentation highlights and interviews with attendees at the annual ANCC National Magnet Conference.

Social Networking Principles

On a professional level, it has many significant benefits: from the collaborative exchanging of ideas or discussion of health issues; to the invaluable promotion of nursing and better health and health care for all.

However, nurses have a responsibility first and foremost to their patients. As a nurse, you must always ensure that anything you post or publish could never undermine your patient’s treatment or privacy. There is also the unavoidable truth that information on social media can take on a life of its own – where inaccuracies become “fact”.

With that in mind, the American Nurses Association (ANA) has created a set of principles to guide you when using social media, allowing nurses to get the best out of it while safeguarding themselves, the profession, and their patients:

Our principles for social networking:

  1. Nurses must not transmit or place online individually identifiable patient information.
  2. Nurses must observe ethically prescribed professional patient-nurse boundaries.
  3. Nurses should understand that patients, colleagues, organizations, and employers may view postings.
  4. Nurses should take advantage of privacy settings and seek to separate personal and professional information online.
  5. Nurses should bring content that could harm a patient’s privacy, rights, or welfare to the attention of appropriate authorities.
  6. Nurses should participate in developing organizational policies governing online conduct.

Helpful tips on getting social right

Of course, most principles come down to common sense and will be standard practice for anyone experienced in using social media responsibly. However, if you’re new to social media – or using social as a newly qualified member of the nursing profession – then we have also put together some advice on getting social media right:

Social media tips

  • Remember that standards of professionalism are the same online as in any other circumstance.
  • Do not share or post information or photos gained through the nurse-patient relationship.
  • Maintain professional boundaries in the use of electronic media. Online contact with patients blurs this boundary.
  • Do not make disparaging remarks about patients, employers, or co-workers, even if they are not identified.
  • Do not take photos or videos of patients on personal devices, including cell phones.
  • Promptly report a breach of confidentiality or privacy.

eBooks and Tip cards

Both ANA’s social networking principles (as an eBook) and bulk tip cards can be purchased from our site.


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