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Nurses Month Promotions

American Nurses Foundation is extremely grateful for its supporters and corporate partners for making Nurses Month in 2022 a success! Via the fundraisers listed below, institutional donors and their customers raised over $500,000 during May in support of American Nurses. We look forward to promoting another robust slate of fundraisers in 2023!

Skechers "Register Round-Up"

Skechers shoppers that participated in the 2022 round-up campaign raised over $104,276 in support of the American Nurses Foundation. The Foundation is extremely grateful to Skechers and their generous customers!

Verizon Nurses' Discount

Giving back to nurses and their families. Nurses save up to $25 off their Unl mobile plans with Verizon (discount available all year round)!

Chipotle Round-Up For Real Change

The American Nurses Foundation would like to thank Chipotle and its customers for participating in its real change platform on the Chipotle app and Over the month of May 2022, Chipotle customers raised over $406,244 to support the American Nurses Foundation. On behalf of the nurses we serve, we greatly appreciate the generosity during National Nurses Month.

Retail Offers - Special Offers for All that Give Back to Nurses

Verizon Nurses' Discount

verizon image small.jpg
Learn More about Verizon's Support for American Nurses

Verizon has been supporting Nurses with a discount since May, 2020 - as the company found it imperative to support the nurses who have faithfully served our communities during Covid and beyond. In addition to offering savings to such a special group, we also enable our Verizon customers to donate to the American Nurses Foundation to help support initiatives that cater to this special pillar of our healthcare system. 

2,000 Healthcare Workers Receive Free Chipotle For A Year


Chipotle Healthcare Heroes 

Thanks to all the customers who participated in Chipotle's 2022 real change round-up program in honor of National Nurses Month. Thanks to your generosity Chipotle contributed over $406,244 in support of frontline nurses! Thank you for making a difference in the lives of the nurses we serve.

Skechers ‘Register Round-up’ For National Nurses Month!


Skechers ‘Register Round-up’ For National Nurses Month!

During National Nurses Month 2022, Skechers ran a 'Register Round-up' campaign to support the American Nurses Foundation. During this campaign Skechers customers could round-up their purchase to the nearest whole number and have that amount contributed to the overall donation. Thanks to the generosity of Skechers and their customers the campaign raised over $104,276! The Foundation greatly appreciates this incredible contribution and we express our gratitude on behalf of the nurses we serve.

For years, Skechers has been dedicated to supporting healthcare workers through a wide range of slip-resistant, comfort-focused footwear styles for hospitals, clinics, research labs and more. You can view the company's latest work shoe offering and find a Skechers store near you at

QALO Silicone Rings in Support of Frontline Heroes


QALO Silicone Rings in Support of Frontline Heroes

Founded in 2011, QALO is an active lifestyle company that stands for Quality, Athletics, Love, and Outdoors. We believe that nothing should come between you and the things you love. That's why we continually challenge, innovate, and remove the barriers that get in your way. The Thin Line Collection is our way of recognizing frontline heroes that do so much to keep us safe. For every ring purchased, we donate a portion of proceeds to a leading charity partner, dedicated to promoting excellence in its community.

A portion of proceeds from each Thin Red Line Nurses ring purchase goes directly to the American Nurses Foundation. Founded in 1955 as the research, education, and charitable affiliate of the American Nurses Association, the Foundation is on a mission to create a healthy world through the power of nursing. It has fought tirelessly to advance the profession and support America’s four million invaluable registered nurses by championing advancements in research, education, and clinical practice.

Awe Inspired Florence Nightingale Necklace


Awe Inspired Florence Nightingale Necklace

At Awe Inspired we design jewelry as a vehicle for self-empowerment and celebrate legendary women from past, present, and mythology throughout our Goddess Collection. Last year at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we created our Florence Nightingale Necklace to celebrate the healthcare hero known as the pioneer of modern nursing. 20% of every sale of this necklace goes to the American Nurses Foundation to help support nurses on the frontline during this public health crisis. For more information visit or follow us on Instagram @AweInspired_.

Celebratory Contributions – donors making special gifts in honor of Nurses Month

Perricone MD


Perricone MD

Perricone MD is a skincare company that produces a holistic, three-tier skincare and wellness system. In honor of Nurses Day 2022, they have donated $10,000 to support the American Nurses Foundation’s Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses. This is one part of a continued effort by Perricone MD to support frontline workers fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Giving for Good – join with others and make your own gift to nurses

The Together While Apart Project Fundraiser

Together While Apart Project

The Together While Apart Art Project is a nationally recognized art collaboration that showcases the work of 19 diverse artists from 8 different states across the country. During the loss, sadness, anxiety, and unrest of 2020, South Carolina artist Deane Valentine Bowers brought together a group of artists who wanted to use their creative talents to bring Hope to others, as well as comfort themselves. This amazing piece was finished in early 2021. After traveling to temporary exhibitions at medical facilities throughout the Southeast for 10 months, it will finally arrive at its forever home. The University of Virginia Medical Center will permanently acquire it in June 2022. The Together While Apart Project has been included in The Smithsonian Institute's "Stories of 2020" and recognized by ChannelKindness.Org, a nonprofit co-founded by Lady Gaga.

Introducing The Together While Apart 2020 Thank You Campaign:

The goal of this campaign is to raise $20, 200, an amount chosen because it reflects the numbers 2020, the year our national healthcare professionals truly became heroes.

During the campaign, there will be a target ask amount of $20.20, with the ability to donate a greater amount as well. Donors may give in honor of a special healthcare professional whether they are a nurse or not, but the fundraiser directly serves Registered Nurses across the country. Any designated professional who receives a gift in their honor will receive a note of gratitude and thanks from The Together While Apart Project.

This is a one time campaign that will stay in place until the financial goal has been met. Whether it takes 6 weeks or 6 months, this fundraiser will be live until we reach $20, 200. The campaign will be run by the American Nurses Association and all money raised will go towards the American Nurses Foundation Well-Being Initiative programs supporting the mental health and wellness of Registered Nurses in the United States.

About the Artwork:

The artwork is created from repurposed cardboard, an example that even the most ordinary items can have significant value. The only abundant art supplies Deane had to offer each participant during the lockdown phase of the pandemic were cardboard pieces from recycled shipping boxes she had accumulated. Each of the 19 artists received several 6” x 6” squares of cut cardboard to decorate any way they desired. Deane imagined a large quilt-like composition that would reflect each artist’s personality by allowing them to design their own piece(s). She brought them all together in a cohesive and unique composition that reflects what was in each artist’s heart at that time. At each exhibition location, this artwork has renewed faith, optimism, strength, and connection in all who have viewed it. It is a visual reminder of Hope and Healing. This amazing composition is proof that kindness and generosity, a tiny spark of an idea and some old cardboard boxes can have a far-reaching impact on others.

Samantha Roecker Boston Marathon Fundraiser


Samantha Roecker Boston Marathon Fundraiser for Nurses' Mental Health

In January, 2022 Samantha Roecker (BSN, RN, MSC) contacted the American Nurses Foundation with an idea to complete two ambitious goals. The UPenn Registered Nurse and FNP student was going to run the Boston Marathon in April and attempt to break the "Guiness World Record For Fastest Marathon In A Nurses Uniform". The second goal was important to her, which was to raise awareness and funds to help address the issues of nurse burnout and fatigue. Over the past two years Samantha witnessed and personally experienced the effect that the COVID-19 pandemic had on nurses, both mentally and physically. In parternering with the American Nurses Foundation, a fundraiser was created to benefit the Foundation's Well-Being Initiative, which provides crucial and complimentary wellness resources to nurses including therapeutic hotlines, mobile apps designed to regulate mood and sleep, a series of podcasts on mental health, and many more robust tools that are readily available to all nurses in need.

After the race was completed on April 18th not only had Samantha broken the record, she also raised over $52,000 for the Well-Being Initiative! We celebrate Samantha's achievement today as a part of National Nurses Month. Thanks to her perserverance she was able to double her initial fundraising goal in addition to completing the marathon in record time.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, this nation’s 4.3 million nurses have been a source of hope and a crucial pillar of support for the health of our communities. The American Nurses Foundation is thrilled to celebrate this year’s Nurses Month to honor these nurses, spending a moment to care for them just as they always care for us.

The American public ranks nurses as the most trusted professionals – now 19 years in a row. Despite this high regard, nurses often lack the support they need in a workplace as intensive as theirs. This May, we are inviting the public that holds so much love for our nation’s nurses to show your gratitude by joining in the celebration of nurses.

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