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NEW Report: Philanthropic Support of the Nursing Profession

How Donations Can Transform Nursing and Advance Health Care Equity


Are Nurses Worth Only One Penny?

Philanthropic Support of the Nursing Profession: How Donations Can Transform Nursing and Advance Health Care Equity

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Nurses make up the largest portion of the health care workforce and are ranked as the most trusted profession year after year1. Responsive and innovative, they spend more time with patients and families than any other health care providers. They are the key to more cost-effective, higher-quality, equitable health care for all.

Philanthropy is crucial to creating and scaling positive change. That is why the American Nurses Foundation commissioned this groundbreaking report—to assess the current state of philanthropic support for the nursing profession. The findings are astounding. Did you know that just one penny of every dollar of health care philanthropy actually goes to nursing?

This needs to change. We must focus our philanthropic resources where they can make the greatest difference—by investing in nursing. The health of our nation depends on it.

1Nurses Retain Top Ethics Rating in U.S., but Below 2020 High (

Current State of Nursing

The COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath have put intense pressure on nurses in the workplace. To better gauge the challenges, the American Nurses Foundation launched its Pulse on the Nation’s Nurses Survey Series, conducting more than 15 surveys and gathering 150,000+ responses from nurses over three years. Read the results here.


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