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Healthy Nurse

A Healthy nurse takes care of their personal health, safety, and wellness and lives life to their fullest capacity. A HealthyNurse™ is a better role model, educator, and advocate – personally, for the family, for the community, for the work environment, and for the patient.

However, nurses struggle with health and wellness. Stress, work shift demands, lack of rest, unhealthy diets, and poor exercise practices have contributed to a growing and serious issue for the profession, nurses themselves – and even their patients.

The Foundation has prioritized helping nurses be healthier. We are proud funders of the free nurse wellness program Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ (HNHN). HNHN works to improve the nation's health - one nurse at a time. Connecting and engaging nurses, employers, organizations, and schools of nursing, HNHN focuses on five domains: physical activity, sleep, nutrition, quality of life, and safety. This web platform and social media inspire healthy action, friendly competition, and provide content and resources. HNHN also gathers data to identify trends and needs in nurse health, safety, and wellness. Learn more here at: This program is free and open to everyone!


Get our simple tip-sheet for being a healthier you. Download it for yourself and share it with your colleagues, friends, and family!

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You Can Help Nurses Be Healthy by supporting the HealthyNurse Fund.

Learn more about ANA's Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation program.


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