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Top Ten Ways to be an Antiracist in Nursing

become story catchers

Become story catchers

Be intentional when hearing about other people's experiences. To hear is to learn and understand, which leads to empathy with the person.

be genuine

Be genuine

Do what you say you will do. Keep your word -- if you do not have trust, you cannot be an ally.

manage me

Manage me

Resist "amygdala hijacking", where generalizations cause you to act out of previous fear and pain, thus letting emotions take control of your reasoning.

max curiosity min certainty

Maximize curiosity.
Minimize certainty.

Ask yourself, "Why am I thinking this about this person?", "Where did this originate from?", and "Do I know what I think I know to be true?"

distribute power

Distribute power

Give voice to, and support with concrete action, those without power. Minimize power plays in promotion, hiring, and patient assignments.

preserve dignity

Preserve the dignity of others

See the humanity in others. Are you viewing colleagues as a deficit to your team, rather than an asset and why?

top labeling others

Stop labeling others

See people as people. Eliminate ideas about superiority, inferiority, and where to place people on a hierarchy.

expose unwritten rules

Expose unwritten rules

Examine your systems. Bias cannot be avoided so tweak your systems to overcome it. Pivot to make adjustments based on what is going on in the world.

support authenticity

Support authenticity

Allow each person to be their authentic selves. Accept them with their differences. Don't force people to lose their uniqueness.

manage perception

Manage perception

Consider how your decision/policy will impact or affect those not part of the decision process. Don't get caught up in your own intent. The receiver only knows impact of what was done.



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