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Things to Know About Whistle Blowing

  • If you identify an illegal or unethical practice, reserve judgment until you have adequate documentation to establish wrongdoing.
  • Do not expect those that are engaged in unethical or illegal conduct to welcome your questions or concerns about this practice.
  • Seek the counsel of someone you trust outside of the situation to provide you with an objective -perspective.
  • Consult with your state nurses association or legal counsel if possible before taking action to determine how best to document your concerns.
  • Remember, you are not protected in a whistle-blower situation from retaliation by your employer until you blow the whistle.
  • Blowing the whistle means that you report your concern to the national and/or state agency -responsible for regulation of the organization for which you work or, in the case of criminal -activity, to law enforcement agencies as well.
  • Private groups, such as The Joint Commission or the National Committee for Quality Assurance, do not confer protection. You must report to a state or national regulator.
  • Although it is not required by every regulatory agency, it is a good rule of thumb to put your complaint in writing.
  • Document all interactions related to the whistle-blowing situation and keep copies for your personal file, NURSING.
  • Keep documentation and interactions objective.
  • Remain calm and do not lose your temper, even if those who learn of your actions attempt to -provoke you.
  • Remember that blowing the whistle is a very serious matter. Do not blow the whistle frivolously. Make sure you have the facts straight before taking action.

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