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Great Places to Work in Health Care Recognized
Universally, people want to work for a great employer, at a job that's rewarding and where one's efforts are appreciated. Check out the 2017 list.

Workplace Transformation: Pathway to Excellence Program Aims to Improve Conditions for RNs
Nursing Spectrum published the "Workplace Transformation: Pathway to Excellence Program Aims to Improve Conditions for RNs" article on October 11, 2010 (Volume 20, Issue 17).

Pathway to Excellence: Commitment to Good Nursing Environments
The American Nurses Credentialing Center's (ANCC) Pathway to Excellence® credential is granted to healthcare organizations that create work environments where nurses can flourish. The designation supports the professional satisfaction of nurses and identifies best places to work.


Baylor Scott & White Surgical Hospital Fort Worth

VA North Texas Healthcare System, Dallas, TX

Baylor Scott & White Surgical Hospital Fort Worth


The dedication to Pathway exhibited by our leadership has enhanced the investment in front-line staff. I have been a direct recipient of that investment, achieving the top level of our Nursing Career Advancement Program. This program has benefited not only me professionally, but has enhanced the care provided to our patients, driving best practice.
K. Nevinger, BSN, RN
Myelogram Registered Nurse

In health care, we know an excellent patient experience starts with a healthy and supported team of nurses. The Pathway designation displays our organization’s commitment to nurture and encourage our nurses toward professional growth and development. Such excellence within our nursing staff equals the success and safety of our patients – it’s a win for everyone.
C. Tagatac, BSN, RN, CPXP
Patient Experience Program Manager

VA North Texas Healthcare System, Dallas, TX


The Pathway to Excellence® journey has made my transition as a new nurse a pleasurable experience! It is helping me build a solid foundation to be a good nurse. I am thankful for the support and guidance I have been show through this program.

The Pathway to Excellence® experience has helped me grow professionally and personally within the health care field. As a VANEEP recipient, I am one class away from earning my BSN of Science and Nursing. I’m thankful for the continued support.
Trendra Scott, LVN

A Pathway-designated facility means we have transformational leaders who inspire us, and expect us to achieve astounding results. They encourage us to embrace change. When a new initiative is rolled out, our leaders are there to support us through the change process.

The Pathway to Excellence® journey was a very educational and fun experience. It paved the way for nurses to flourish and continue to make a positive impact on the organization’s success for many years to come. This journey has created a culture where nursing staff can feel supported and valued by leadership, which is essential for nurses to provide quality care to our Veterans.

The Pathway to Excellence® journey has improved communication among front-line staff and leadership. We feel empowered to be the voice for our Veterans and peers, and it is meaningful to know our voices are actually being heard.
Maria Pullins
Hospice Nursing Assistant

Pathway to Excellence was an excellent way to establish and train many of our staff in shared decision-making and shared governance teams, and elevate our training plans at the unit level to be the best they can be. We are VA proud.
Cecelia Krogulski, RN

The Pathway to Excellence® journey is an experience I will never forget. Being able to lead as an ambassador and make a difference has been amazing. It has made so many positive changes to our organization as a whole.

Pathway to Excellence® has united the staff in ensuring the best possible care to our Veterans, as well as caring for our well-being especially during this global pandemic. This journey has allowed us to be innovative, and emerge as leaders in ensuring that although every precaution is taken, this does not compromise the care we provide.
Rini Raju, RN

Being Pathway-designated allows direct care nurses to be more involved in the nursing practices that we use daily. It provides a better work-life balance. And it has enhanced the mentorship leadership has provided. It holds leadership accountable to provide a higher standard for themselves and direct care nurses, therefore creating a more positive environment for not only the nursing staff but also the Veterans we serve.
Dannelle Scott, LVN

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