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Compassionate Care On-Demand

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Compassionate, on-demand nurses are hired by patients to help them transition home from the hospital, empowering them to manage their health at home


Nationally, 36.5 million people were discharged from hospitals in 2020 of which 60% went home with no assistance, 17% were discharged to nursing homes, and 23% utilized home health services. Those who go home with or without home health care often seek clarification and supplemental support after being discharged, adding to the hospital nurses’ workload. Despite hospitals’ best efforts to optimize the discharge process, people remain vulnerable and feel unsupported. Nurses can ensure patients have what they need to thrive after being discharged from the hospital.

What we are doing

Navi Nurses uses an on-demand technology allowing people to request and pay for nursing care directly, so nurses can assist people in need. Connecting patients and nurses upon hospital discharge has several benefits, from preventing readmissions, to catching medication errors, to providing peace of mind to people and their caregivers. Navi Nurses also helps people get home a few hours to a few days sooner. Their nurses report a greater sense of joy, satisfaction, and less burn out. Currently, Navi Nurses services are not covered by insurance. This pilot will demonstrate the value of these services to negotiate contracts with private insurers, Medicare, Medicaid, and hospital systems, so that the service can advance health equity for all.

Jasmine Bhatti Navi Nurses Founder & CEO
Working as a nurse in charge of my unit at night, I would often get calls from people who had been discharged earlier that day with questions about their discharge instructions. This lack of support and clarity led to challenges for people which resulted in extra costs for the hospital. After hearing people over and over request that a nurse come home with them for support, the idea for Navi Nurses was born.


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