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Reimagining Nursing Blog

Discover the amazing stories of nurses who are reimagining the profession of nursing, and improving the future of health care.

Filling the Gaps in PeriOp

To better prepare the nurses of today for the challenges of the nursing field of tomorrow and to ensure there are no workforce shortages, certain steps must be taken.

Reimagining Nursing Looks at Intensive Care

The Reimagining Nursing Initiative kicked off in 2020 with the broad goal of disrupting, for the better, the profession of nursing in the areas of education, technology, and direct-reimbursement.

Raising the Bar for Memory Care

In Atlanta, Georgia, there is a nurse-led primary care clinic specializing in memory care. This may sound too good to be true, but for the nurses leading this work and the patients receiving care—it’s real life and deeply meaningful.

A Year of Reimagining Nursing

One year ago, 10 nurse-led projects were launched to reimagine nursing and health care—and what an exciting year it’s been. From nursing education to reimbursement, all the projects address critical issues within the profession from different angles.

Technology and the Future of Nursing

Kristen Devolve recently graduated from The Ohio State University College of Nursing, feeling better prepared to enter the workforce. That's by design. Ohio State's colleges of Nursing and Engineering are collaborating on a project, funded by the American Nurses Foundation's Reimagining Nursing Initiative, that uses technology-enabled learning tools to ensure students can demonstrate the skills they need post-graduation.

Nurse Innovator Spotlight: Kat Collard

“I advocate for our nurses every day. I hear what they have to say, and I listen to what they are going through,” says Katherine “Kat” A. Collard, MS, RN-BC, NP, chief nursing informatics officer at ChristianaCare.

Nurse Practitioners and the Future of Health Care

Nurse practitioners and primary care physicians often face similar challenges. However, one key difference is nurse practitioners experience more barriers to reimbursement, especially for providing value-based care.Reducing Barriers to NP Value-Based Care, led by Boston College and in partnership with Brandeis University and the National Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneur Network (NNPEN), aims to address that challenge.

Creating an Equitable Future by Investing in Nurse-Driven Solutions

When you think about improving health care, who do you envision leading the charge for a more equitable future? There are no wrong answers, but perhaps one that does not immediately come to mind—nurses. Their front-line role in patient care makes them a natural force for expanding access to care and reducing health care disparities.

Nurse Innovator Spotlight: Kenrick Cato

After a decade in the Army, Kenrick Cato, PhD, RN, CPHIMS, FAAN, was thinking about his next move. One simple question from his friend, a nurse practitioner, changed the trajectory of his future. “She asked, ‘have you ever considered being a nurse instead of a physician?’”

Future of Nursing Depends on Scalable Solutions

How do you create something sticky enough to generate meaningful change? That question is at the center of the American Nurses Foundation’s Reimagining Nursing Initiative and one our grantees are attempting to answer.

Nurse-led Project is Changing how Students Learn

Getting nurses to stay in the professions begins with educating them to succeed. Nursing schools understand the importance of making sure graduating nurses develop and master transferable skills they can apply in the real world.

Nurse Innovator Spotlight: Michael Ackerman

"I have the best job because I can go in and just be creative," that's what Michael Ackerman, PhD, RN, FCCM, FNAP, FAANP, FAAN, says about his role, which blends nursing, education, and technology.

RN Initiative 2022 Highlights

The end of the year is a time for reflection and our grantees have given us a lot to think about and even more to celebrate!

Nurse Innovator Spotlight: Compassionate Care On-Demand

It was a chance encounter at a startup event for business and tech entrepreneurs—there two nurses crossed paths. “It was just startup people. But then I saw her and was like ‘wait, there's another nurse here!’” Jasmine Bhatti, PhD(c), MS, RN recalls running into Ayan Said, MSN, RN, back in 2019. That was the start of a partnership that would transform their personal lives and the nursing profession.

New Education Model Addresses Demand for Skilled Home Health Nurses

As the U.S. population ages and health care demands change, nurses can play a key role in community health by working both in and outside hospitals. This is why Chamberlain University is taking an innovative approach to its education model and offering specialty-focused experiences so future nurses can practice anywhere—and thrive.

Nurse Innovator Spotlight: Carolyn Clevenger

Who are the innovators behind the projects funded by the American Nurses Association’s Reimagining Nursing Initiative? As we continue to share more about the projects transforming nursing for improved access, care, and outcomes for all, we want to shine the spotlight on the people behind the ideas.

August 2022 Convening

“Everybody knows that nurses are the center of health care and that if anything is going to happen and be sustainable, it’s going to be driven by nurses.”
–Former American Nurses Foundation Board President Tim Porter O’Grady

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