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New Campaign Enables Nurses to be Counted IN

You may have noticed something new on the Reimagining Nursing Initiative homepage. The American Nurses Foundation has launched Count Me In, a national campaign with a clarion call to join nurses in reshaping health care through the power of nursing.


Count Me In is leveraging the innovation, ingenuity, and inspiration of the ten pilots that are tackling everything from predictive early diagnoses to dementia care to collaborative robots. With a simple click to Count Me In, an individual can demonstrate to those with the resources to provide ongoing funding that their support today is crucial for current and future nurse-led projects.

“Genuine support of this nurse-led movement is a simple and impactful way to join nurses across the country in repairing our broken health care system,” said American Nurses Foundation Executive Director Kate Judge. “The Foundation is forever grateful for the generosity of our funders and their commitment to nursing,” said Judge. “Now, we urge anyone that says they know and trust a nurse to rally with us. Nurses must have ongoing investment to bring new ideas to practice that can reshape health care for the better today, and in the future.”

Click here to be Counted In! Read (and share!) the press release here! To stay updated on the progress of the Reimagining Nursing Initiative, join our mailing list here!


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