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Certification Denial, Suspension, Revocation

ANCC investigates all causes for denial, suspension, and revocation of a certification and as a result may take action to deny, suspend, or revoke a certification.

A. Cause for Denial, Suspension, or Revocation of Certification

Certification can be denied, suspended, or revoked for cause, including but not limited to the following:

1. failing to complete or provide evidence of completion of the requirements for initial certification, certification renewal or reactivation of certification

2. failure to maintain the required professional licensure or other authority to practice

3. failure to comply with the American Nurses Association’s Code of Ethics for Nurses with interpretive statement or the applicable profession code of ethics

4. failure to comply with the scope and standards of practice in an area in which certification is held

5. failure to respond to or comply with ANCC audit inquiries and/or requests

6. determination that initial certification or certification renewal was improperly granted or that certification was improperly reactivated, including but not limited to instances where it is determined that eligibility, application or recertification, documentation submitted by or on behalf of a certificant was inaccurate

7. falsification or misstatement of information on any certification-related document

8. providing false or misleading information

9. cheating or assisting others to cheat; including but not limited to reproducing, distributing, or discussing by any means examination items/questions or content; acquiring by memorization and recollection from testing or by any other means and/or knowingly using or acquiring materials containing such content.

10. causing, creating, or participating in an examination irregularity or misconduct

11. assisting others to wrongfully obtain initial certification or to renew or reactivate certification

12. misrepresentation

13. conduct unbecoming of the nursing profession or the profession in which the person is regulated.

B. ANCC may delay conferral of certification for an applicant who is the subject of a complaint for alleged misconduct outlined under this policy until the CRC has investigated and deliberated.

C. Reporting Suspension or Revocation

1. To Licensing Authorities:

Suspension and revocation of certification is reported to licensing authorities.

2. To Others:

ANCC may report suspension or revocation of certification to employers, legal authorities, third party payers, and other third parties, including but not limited to, law enforcement officers or agencies.

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