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ANA Enterprise 2023 - 2025 Strategic Plan


One Vision, One Mission

The ANA Enterprise is the family of organizations that includes the American Nurses Association (ANA), the American Nurses Foundation (Foundation), and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Our three organizations work together to achieve our shared vision, mission, and values.

gfx_bullet-logo.fw.pngANA Enterprise Vision

A healthy world through the power of nursing

gfx_bullet-logo.fw.pngANA Enterprise Mission

Lead the profession to shape the future of nursing and health care

gfx_bullet-logo.fw.pngANA Enterprise Values

Our values guide our collective thinking and actions. They represent the fundamental beliefs that support our vision, shape our culture, guide decision-making, and inform our strategic direction.

  • Trusted: We act with integrity, respect, transparency, and humility in all we do.
  • Inclusive: We embrace the uniqueness of every individual, including diversity of thought, as we work collaboratively to bring our very best.
  • Innovative: We are creative, nimble, open to change, and we will never stop striving for excellence.
  • Empowered: We choose to see it, own it, solve it, and do it, through shared decision-making, optimism, and joy.

The ANA Enterprise 2023-2025 Strategic Plan puts our shared vision, mission and values into action to allow the ANA Enterprise to be a true catalyst for creating a healthy world and leading the nursing profession to shape the future of nursing and health care.

ANA Enterprise 2023-2025 Strategic Plan: Goals and Objectives

icon goal.fw.pngGoal 1: Elevate the Profession of Nursing Globally

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 1.1. Lead the nursing profession to improve health through advocacy, philanthropy, practice, and innovation.

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 1.2: Evolve and promote standards of excellence, recognizing exemplary nurses and settings where they practice.

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 1.3: Champion the value of nursing to advance nursing's impact on health and society.

icon goal.fw.pngGoal 2: Evolve the Practice of Nursing to Improve Health and Health Care

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 2.1: Advance diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and anti-racism to improve nursing practice and work environments.

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 2.2: Engage and support social justice in nursing to address inequities in health.

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 2.3: Develop the capacity for nurses to innovate and lead in dynamic and complex practice environments.

icon goal.fw.pngGoal 3: Ensure the Professional Success of Nurses

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 3.1: Magnify nurses' voices and advocate to overcome barriers to personal and professional success.

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 3.2: Design and implement advanced solutions to meet the needs and priorities of nurses.

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 3.3: Co-create holistic approaches to nurse well-being directly with nurses and through strategic partners.

Enablers: People, Core Values, Financial and Operational Excellence


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