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Driving Nursing Outcomes through Robotics

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ChristianaCare is piloting collaborative robots (cobots) as an innovative, strategic approach to assist inpatient nurses and staff in their daily work


Evidence shows that nurses spend a significant amount of time—up to 33% of their shifts—on routine tasks such as dropping off lab specimens, collecting supplies or picking up medications from the pharmacy. This time away from core work contributes to inefficient workflows, decreased time spent with patients delivering care and education, and cognitive overload. Nurses need the time and space to do what they do best—deliver care and patient education at the top of their license.

What we are doing

Cobots are collaborative robots designed to share workspace and interact directly with humans. Moxi, created by Diligent Robotics, is a cobot that can navigate hospitals autonomously. ChristianaCare’s pilot will integrate Moxi cobots with electronic health records and use artificial intelligence to proactively identify when nurses need equipment, supplies, medications, and labs. ChristianaCare will initially deploy Moxi to 11 inpatient units partnering with more than 400 nurses. ChristianaCare will test cobots’ impact on nursing practice with the goal to scale this technology in the future.

Ric Cuming, Ed.D., RN, NEA-BC, FAAN Chief Nurse Executive, ChristianaCare
ChristianaCare Nursing staff, including nurses, patient care technicians and medical assistants, spend considerable time—up to one-third of their shifts for nurses alone—engaged in routine tasks like pickups and deliveries. Requiring minimal skills or training, these responsibilities take tremendous time and energy. Transferring many non-patient-care tasks to Moxi cobots will improve efficiency and enable Nursing staff—and eventually beyond—to spend more time directly caring for patients.


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