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By becoming Magnet-recognized, organizations empower nurses to reach their true potential. When a healthcare organization earns Magnet status, it garners more than external prestige, it demonstrates to the world that it’s an organization that recognizes the invaluable potential of nurses to lead healthcare change.

Since the Magnet Recogntion Program® was established in 1990, exceptional healthcare organizations have worked tirelessly to achieve and maintain the honor. When a healthcare organization fosters the ideal environment for nursing talent, the whole organization reaps the rewards.

How does Magnet status attract and retain the best nurses?

The Magnet Recognition Program provides a roadmap to advance nursing excellence, with contented staff at its core. Optimum job satisfaction results in lower nurse attrition and an improved patient experience. To attract and reward the very best in nursing talent, Magnet-recognized organizations embody a collaborative culture, where nurses are valued as integral partners in the patient’s safe passage through their healthcare experiences.

This culture is supported by steadfast investment in nursing education and development, ensuring that nurses are supported in their chosen career path. Interprofessional collaborative practice is nurtured, with a focus on mutual respect, autonomy, and shared values.

A growing body of research indicates that Magnet organizations enjoy:

  • Lower nurse dissatisfaction and nurse burnout1;
  • Higher nurse job satisfaction1; and
  • Lower registered nurse (RN) turnover5.

See what Magnet® can do for your organization!

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Magnet® hospitals impact patient outcomes by investing in the ongoing nursing education and career development needed to provide safe, high quality patient care…

How does Magnet recognition benefit patients?

The working environment of nurses has a direct effect on the standard of care. When an organization embarks on a journey to Magnet designation, it commits to the highest quality health care. This is not only evident in decreased in mortality rates and shorter hospital stays, but in the experience of every patient who walks through a Magnet organization’s doors.

Studies find that Magnet-recognized organizations exhibit:

Quality and Safety

  • Higher adoption of National Quality Forum safe practices7;
  • Lower overall missed nursing care8;
  • Higher support for evidence-based practice implementation9;
  • Higher nurse-perceived quality of care10-12; and
  • Higher patient ratings of their hospital experience13-16.

Patient Outcomes

  • Lower mortality rates17-22;
  • Lower failure-to-rescue19,21;
  • Lower patient fall rates23-24;
  • Lower nosocomial infections20;
  • Lower hospital-acquired pressure ulcer rates25; and
  • Lower central line-associated bloodstream infection rates26.
Magnet® hospitals consistently provide the highest quality of care.

How does Magnet recognition support financial success?

The benefits of Magnet translate to lower operational costs alongside the highest quality staff, and the effect on a health care organization’s reputation should not be underestimated. From increased press coverage that reduces marketing expenditure to stronger competitive advantages in regional markets, Magnet recognition assures quality, care, and the potential to be a strong business partner.

Examples of cost advantages in Magnet organizations include:

  • Lower RN turnover5-6;
  • Lower length of stay17,22; and
  • Higher net inpatient income27.
We have been able to negotiate stronger HMO care contracts. We have also been able to attract highly qualified MDs and Allied Health Professionals because they knew that we had achieved Magnet® (Radiology, Psychiatry, Pharmacy, Neurology).

A standard to be proud of

When a health care organization achieves Magnet designation, it earns the right to display the logo on advertisements, publications and presentations. This establishes to prospective patients, investors and future staff that yours is not only an organization of impeccable patient standards, but with a commitment to nurture the talents of dedicated nurses throughout their careers.

The staff was intensively involved at all levels during our application process and real participation in this experience profoundly affected their commitment to the profession and to the organization.

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