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Attract & Retain Top Talent

Example 1:

A salary survey of 1,400 nurses showed that "Nurse leaders in Magnet hospitals earn more (4.8%) than their colleagues in non-Magnet facilities . . . Facilities with Magnet recognition often require their nurse leaders to be educated at higher levels, evaluated on performance outcomes relative to nurse-sensitive patient outcomes, and significant contributors to the community. These requirements may lead to the necessity of paying at higher rates to attract and retain top performers."

Nursing Management Salary Survey 
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc.

Example 2:

Magnet hospitals provide havens for quality care and happy nurses.

Example 3:

"The label 'Magnet hospitals' originally was given to a group of US hospitals that were able to successfully recruit and retain professional nurses during a national nursing shortage in the early 1980s. Studies of Magnet hospitals highlight the leadership characteristics and professional practice attributes of nurses within these organizations.

Hospitals selected met the following criteria: 1) nurses within the hospitals considered them good places to practice nursing, 2) the hospitals had low turnover and vacancy rates, and 3) the hospitals were located in areas where there was significant regional competition for nursing services."

Scott, J., Sochalski, J, and Aiken L.
Review of Magnet Hospital Research: Findings and Implications for Professional Nursing Practice 
Journal of Nursing Administration

Example 4:

Seven of the 11 health care organizations in the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For are Magnet-recognized facilities or have Magnet facilities in their system.

100 Best Companies to Work For 


Improve Patient Care, Safety & Satisfaction

Example 1:

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics embarked upon the Magnet preparation process using it as a blueprint for development and plan to manage their workforce issues. "We had a 14% vacancy rate at the time and were using 295 travelers. Today, we have less than a 2% vacancy rate and no travelers."

Barbara J. Hannon, MSN, RN 
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics 
Nursing Economics

Example 2:

Magnet hospitals consistently provide the highest quality of care.

Example 3:

"In an environment rife with controversy about patient safety in hospitals, medical error rates, and nursing shortages, consumers need to know how good the care is at their local hospital. [Magnet is] a seal of approval for quality nursing care."

Aiken, LH. Havens, D.S. & Sloane, D.M.
"The Magnet Nursing Services Recognition Program:
A Comparison of Two Groups of Magnet Hospitals"
American Journal of Nursing


Foster a Collaborative Culture

Example 1:

"The staff was intensively involved at all levels during our application process and was real participation in this experience profoundly affected their commitment to the profession and to the organization."

Catherine Lyons, RN, MS, CNAA
James P. Wilmot Cancer Center
University of Rochester-Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, NY
ONS News

Example 2:

"I don't hesitate to discuss issues/problems with the physicians. I can collaborate with them in the decision making process. I am treated with respect not only for my professionalism, but for my knowledge."

Linda Otero, RNC, Staff Nurse
Southwestern Vermont Medical Center, Bennington

Example 3:

They foster respect and caring for the individual (patients and staff), and actively bring out the best in people.

Example 4:

"The most important thing to me as a staff nurse in a Magnet Hospital is having input into and participating in decision-making related to my nursing practice through participation in Shared Governance.

Our nursing leaders are committed to excellence in the delivery of patient care and provide the support and mentoring for us to provide excellent care. Nurses are important members of the health care team both in patient areas and on many nursing and multidisciplinary committees within the hospital. No workplace is perfect.

Magnet Hospitals are constantly assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating their nursing services to strive for excellence. If I were looking for a job today, I would be interviewing at Magnet Hospitals."

Staff Nurse, Emergency Department
North Carolina Baptist Hospital of Wake Forest
University Baptist Medical Center


Advance Nursing Standards & Practice

Example 1:

We created nursing consuls that establish policy, and established every nursing unit as a nursing department so that each department didn't have layers of bureaucracy.

Example 2:

"By recognizing the art and science of nursing as a life long learning process, Magnet hospitals impact patient outcomes by investing in the ongoing nursing education and career development needed to provide safe, high quality patient care…"

Janice Nuuhiwa, RN, MSN, CPON, Staff Development Specialist, Hem/Onc/Trans 
Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL 
Magnet recognized December 2001

Example 3:

8 of the top 10 medical centers featured in the prestigious US News & World Report America's Best Hospitals Honor Roll are ANCC Magnet organizations. Six of the top 8 hospitals in the Children's Hospital Honor Roll are ANCC Magnet recognized.

In the 2009 US News & World Report showcase of America's Best Hospitals, 15 of the top 21 medical centers in the Honor Roll are ANCC Magnet recognized. In the Children's Hospital Honor Roll, 9 of the top 10 hospitals are ANCC Magnet recognized.

Example 4:

"Becoming a Magnet hospital was identified as a critical business priority for our organization. Fourteen teams were designated to address each force of Magnetism, and all staff members completed the Magnet self-assessment survey, which allowed us to identify opportunities and validate our existing strengths."

Barbara Bonificio, RN, MSN, OCN®
St. Peter's Hospital, Albany, NY
ONS News


Grow Business & Financial Success

Example 1:

"We have been able to negotiate stronger HMO care contracts. We have also been able to attract highly qualified MDs and Allied Health Professionals because they knew that we had achieved Magnet (Radiology, Psychiatry, Pharmacy, Neurology). They noted that they were interviewing at multiple hospitals but found CMH more attractive because ANCC Magnet recognition was a reflection of the quality of the nursing staff they would be working with. We have increased our market share and have excellent patient/family satisfaction scores."

Elaine Graff, PhD, RN, PNP, Magnet Project Director 
Children's Memorial Medical Center, Chicago, IL 
Magnet recognized December 2001

Example 2:

Dr. Linda Aiken's independent research shows that Magnet-designated health care organizations consistently outperform their peers in recruiting and retaining nurses, resulting in increased stability in patient care systems across the organization. These nurse-friendly organizations benefit from reduced costs due to low turnover, which results in greater institutional stability.

Example 3:

"Locate the nearest Magnet. If you can easily check into a Magnet hospital, you'd be foolish not to."

John Pekkanen
“Condition: Critical. With nurses leaving in droves, a stay at the hospital gets scarier every day.”
Reader's Digest
The Reader's Digest Association, Inc.

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