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Success Pays®

Get and keep more clinicians certified with no financial risk! ANCC Certification Easy as 1-2-3


Success Pays® Toolkit

The Success Pays® program helps organizations assist nurses in achieving certification while eliminating test taking anxiety and financial barriers, building an overall stronger nursing team to support positive patient outcomes.

Whether quantitative in terms of money saved in recruitment and turnover or qualitative as nurses gain new patient care competencies, supporting nursing professional development helps your organization have a competitive edge and supports the bottom line.

For health care organizations seeking ANCC Magnet Recognition® or Pathway to Excellence® designation, certification helps meet the empirical outcomes standard (SE3 and SE4EO) for Magnet and the Element of Performance 6.6 for Pathway to Excellence. Certification supports the ANCC program standards of transformational leadership, structural empowerment, a positive practice environment, and professional development.

Download the Success Pays Guide below to learn how certification can bring value to your nursing staff and organization. Inside are benefits and support resources including:

  • ROI examples from organizations enrolled in Success Pays
  • A justification deck to present to stakeholders
  • Eligible certifications and details about the enrollment process

Benefits of ANCC Certification

  • ANCC is the world’s largest and most prestigious nurse credentialing organization by establishing a global presence and being recognized worldwide, applicants can test anywhere in the world.
  • ANCC exams are developed and maintained at ANCC headquarters using volunteer subject matter experts.
  • ANCC offers the option to test before degree is conferred, a free tracker to track your professional development, and exceptional and personalized customer service.
  • Our certification renewal promotes advancement of the specialty for positive impact on patient care and practice. There are more than 8 options for renewing.

The mission of American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), a subsidiary of American Nurses Association (ANA), is to promote excellence in healthcare globally through credentialing programs.

ANCC is the only nurse credentialing organization to achieve International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) 9001:2015

ANCC exams are developed and maintained at ANCC headquarters by volunteer subject matter experts.

Expedite review is available for a $200 fee.


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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Success Pays®.

How many clinicians do we need to enroll in the Success Pays® program?

Set your certification rate target and determine your minimum order on initial certifications under the Success Pays program. Contact us at to discuss your set goals.

One of our clinicians did not test within the 90-day window. What happens now?

Complete the Testing Window Re-assignment Request Form. This is a one-time opportunity. The fee is $100 and not part of the Success Pays program. It is the clinician's financial responsibility.

What is a shortfall fee?

Shortfall fee is the amount difference between what you would have paid ANCC had you met your minimum order obligations and the total payments actually received. For example, if at the end of the year’s contract the minimum requirement of 20 eligible nurses was not met, i.e. only 18 applied, made eligible/tested, there will be a $580  shortfall fee incurred (20-18=2 x $290).

How is the billing process completed?

ANCC sends an invoice and summary report of all the certification activities associated with the account (i.e., candidates who have submitted initial applications and those certified) to the primary contact person every month.

Why does Success Pays require a designated primary contact person?

A primary contact person is necessary for effective dissemination of information and to  protect confidentiality of the account information. This also helps with the efficient processing of customer issues, invoice/payments, etc. Any changes in the primary contact person changes will require completion of a Change In Primary Contact Information Form

How many times can a candidate use the Success Pays discount code?

Each candidate can only use the code twice (2x) for each certification. This includes primary application or renewal. If the code is used more than two times, the clinician will be charged. 

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