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Welcome to the Profession Kit

First of all, welcome to the profession. By becoming a nurse, you will enjoy a rewarding career that makes a difference - and the American Nurses Association (ANA) is going to be here to support you every step of the way. ANA is your go-to resource for trusted information throughout all stages of your career, and together we can work to improve health care for everyone.

Here at ANA, we’re dedicated to helping you – and the 4 million Registered Nurses (RN) across the country – become the nurse you want to be. 

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This is a great time to be a nurse, and you’re about to start the journey of a lifetime.

Vital resources for your success

The Welcome to the Profession Kit is just one of the ways that ANA supports the development of Early Career RNs. The kit offers a comprehensive collection of digital resources created specifically for you by health professionals who have been in your position.

In the kit, you’ll find sections devoted to:

  • Developing your career: Everything you’ll need to find the right role for you; from job-hunting guides and interview tips specifically geared to nurses, to advice on what to look for in a nurse residency program.
  • Taking care of yourself: Advice on how to deal with the often hectic life of a registered nurse, including nutrition tips for shift-workers and how to achieve a healthy work-life balance.
  • Taking care of your patients: One of the primary roles of ANA is to promote best practice in our profession, and this section offers advice on such matters as effective collaboration in a team, and proper safety procedures in the workplace.

ANA Student Subscribers and members can simply log in to gain access to clear, concise advice on developing your professional career, your skills as a nurse, and yourself as a person.


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ANA is the premier organization representing the 4 million registered nurses across the nation, championing the rights of nurses and using nursing expertise to improve health care. When you join ANA, you not only boost your career prospects but become part of something bigger - to advance the nursing profession as a whole.

If you’re a nursing student, you can probably become an ANA Student Subscriber for free.

If you’ve received your license, consider joining ANA.


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