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K - 12 Schools

CDC Landing Hero - Nurse

K - 12 Schools

Reducing the risk of exposure to viruses and infection is an integral part of successful school operations. Frequent hand washing, proper vaccination, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, and good ventilation practices are all important strategies to keep students and teachers healthy in a school-based or childcare-based health care setting. School nurses and other health care personnel play an important role in safely keeping schools and childcare programs open for in-person learning and other in-person activities throughout the year.

K - 12 Schools

School nurses and other health care personnel are integral to keeping schools and childcare programs safe from the spread of infection. Find guidance on everything from the latest infection-control techniques to proper hand hygiene, vaccination, cleaning and disinfecting, ventilation, and much more.

Infection Prevention and Control in Schools
Ventilation in Schools and Childcare Programs
Infection Prevention and You in Schools
Emergency Preparedness and Response in the School Setting
Immunization in Schools
Maintaining Healthy Environments

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