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Disaster Preparedness

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Disaster Preparedness

Nurses may serve as responders during disasters or infectious disease outbreaks. To effectively respond to public health emergencies and natural disasters, nurses must engage in emergency preparedness and response activities. Nurses should be prepared to maximize patient safety, decrease occupational exposures, and prevent the spread of infections in their schools, healthcare facilities, and communities during an outbreak or disaster.

Disaster Preparedness Basics

Find important information to maximize patient safety and decrease exposure to prevent the spread of infections during an outbreak or disaster.

Emergency Preparedness and Response
Resources for Emergency Health Professionals
Emergency preparedness
Disaster Preparedness
Empowering Nurses Disaster Preparedness through the Seasons

Disaster Triage

Discover free, on-the-go resources for healthcare providers on how to reduce the risk of exposure during disaster triage, from Project Firstline and ANA.

Infection Control from the ED to the ICU: Triage to Transport
Infection Prevention and Control for Shelters During Disasters

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