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Team-Based Care: New Model or Trojan Horse?

It is widely accepted that patient-centered team-based health care fosters efficient, equitable and economical health care. The ANA supports diverse health care teams with flexible leadership optimizing the unique abilities, training and expertise of each team member. But debate has ensued about who should lead and supervise the team. Large physician groups have resisted acknowledging that other health professionals such as nurses are equipped to lead a team and launched a campaign focused on "Physician-led team-based care."

This toolkit was created in response to organized medicine's campaign of "Physician-led team-based care," which has been used to halt Full Practice Authority (FPA) legislation in states and, more recently, in response to the VA's proposed rule to extend FPA to APRNs in the VA system.

Contained here are resources dedicated to promoting patient-centered team-based health care (in accordance with that advocated by the advanced practice nursing community.)

Toolkit Contents

Issue Brief – "Promoting Patient-Centered Team-Based Care"
Outlines the Institute of Medicine's discussion on team-based health care and provides recommendations for executing.

Executive Summary
Provides three key messages.

Conducting a Political Environmental Scan
Key elements to consider when developing/executing strategy(s) to advance legislation or regulation.

Words Matter
A guide to discussing APRN practice and tips for messaging.

Principles for Full Practice Authority
Provides policymakers and stakeholders with evidence-based guidance when considering changes in statute or regulation for APRNs.

Policy Makers on the Effective Utilization of APRNs
Outlines what "reputable" groups report about the need for APRN full practice authority.

Infographic: 4 APRN Roles

LACE: APRN Consensus Model
Depicts model regulation for each of the four APRN roles: licensure, accreditation, certification, and education.

Team-Based Care: A Case Study from Tennessee
Exemplifies one state medical society's efforts to restrict APRN practice.

The Economic Case for Full Practice Authority
"A number of think tanks that value free markets, saying they create high-quality solutions, have voiced support for reducing barriers to care provided by advanced practice registered nurses."

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