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ANA works to develop solutions to the core issues that affect nurses and their patients, among them adequate staffing, the nursing shortage, a safe work environment, barriers to full nursing practice, and broader access to health care. Here you’ll find background on the nursing profession and its core issues.

Preparing Nurses for the Future - Opportunities

ANA asked nurses (members and non-members) to define the future of nursing and healthcare. Over 4,000 responded to the survey and this is what they said.

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Preparing Nurses for the Future - Trends

ANA’s strategic goals are well aligned with the key trends nurses believe will affect the nursing profession and nursing organizations today and in the coming decade. (ANA survey, May 2013) With all of these forces in play, nurses will be the key driver of the future of health care. ANA prepares nurses to be the driver – ensuring that they have a strong voice – from policy to practice, from bedside to boardroom.

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The Nurse Work Environment: Health & Safety Survey

The nurse work environment has improved, particularly the availability of patient lifting equipment and safer needle devices, but many nurses still work in pain, suffer injuries on the job, and are targets for abuse.

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Advanced Practice Registered Nurses: A New Age in Health Care

As health insurance coverage expands, the Medicare population bulges, and health care services continue moving from institutional to community-based settings, APRNs are being called upon to deliver more of the nation’s health care.

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Health Care Reform

ANA believes health care is a basic human right, and advocates increasing the emphasis on prevention, primary care and chronic disease management.

  • Controlling Costs
  • Expanding Access
  • Improving Quality
  • Health Insurance Coverage

Safe Needles Resources

The Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act of 2000 gave health care workers more input into selection of safer sharps devices and helped reduce injuries, but incidents that could expose workers to bloodborne pathogens still occur too often.

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Download: Safe Needles Saves Lives Fact Sheet

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