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National Provider Identifier (NPI)

ANA continues to support all nurses, both RNs and APRNs, in obtaining their NPIs.

While RNs cannot typically bill for services, they can register for an NPI. This helps advocate for transparency in paying for nursing care and has the potential to transform how healthcare employers engage RNs, for the benefit of patients and the nursing profession.

NPIs are required by Medicare, Medicaid, and many private insurers for clinicians like APRNs to bill for services. Even APRNs whose care is billed through their employer can register for an individual NPI.

ANA knows how hard nurses work and now is the time for payment systems to fully recognize the value of nursing. Currently, the impact of nurses is hidden behind physician expenses or other service charges. By registering for an NPI, we can push systems to extract nursing services from the data and demonstrate the critical role of nurses in patient care.


What's an NPI and why should you get one?

How to Register for a NPI

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