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Retail-Based Nurse Practitioners

Effective Date: September 2020
Status: Position Statement
Adopted by: ANA Board of Directors

1. ANA supports the delivery of primary care and other appropriate accessible, affordable, high-quality health care services by nurse practitioners (NPs) in retail-based health clinics.

2. ANA supports the American Association of Nurse Practitioners' position statement, "Standards for Nurse Practitioner Practice in Retail-based Clinics."

3. Additionally, ANA believes entities offering retail-based care have a positive role to play, with the support of public policy, in developing NP careers, promoting access to care in underserved areas, and addressing health disparities. Peer-reviewed studies continue to add evidence confirming that NPs offer high-quality care in the primary care setting. In addition to their expertise in diagnosis and treatment, NPs' proficiency in providing health education and prevention services means they can be skilled leaders, managers, and primary care providers in retail-based clinics. The increasing presence of retail-based health clinics has expanded access to ambulatory care in many communities throughout the U.S., and these clinics are employing a growing number of NPs. Retail-based health clinics are a convenient option for patients seeking affordable, high-quality primary and urgent care, and can serve as an entry point for other needed care.


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