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Additional Access To Care: Supporting Nurse Practitioners In Retail-Based Health Clinics

ANA Position Statement

ANA supports the delivery of primary care and other health care services by nurse practitioners (NPs) in retail-based health clinics. Peer-reviewed studies continue to add evidence confirming that NPs offer high quality care in the primary care setting. In addition to their education and expertise in diagnosis and treatment, NPs’ proficiency in providing health education and prevention services makes them skilled managers and service providers in retail-based clinics. Retail-based clinics provide an additional innovative entry point for patients to access affordable, high-quality health care, thus helping to address some of the system’s more pressing problems.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) supports the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners’ (AANP) position statement, “Standards for Nurse Practitioner Practice in Retail-based Clinics”. The AANP position statement offers guiding principles and standards for Nurse Practitioners practicing in retail-based clinic settings.

ANA also applauds the fundamental values and safeguards articulated in the American College of Nurse Practitioners’ (ACNP) white paper entitled “Convenience Care Clinics: The Future of Accessible Health Care”. The ACNP white paper documents the benefits ADDITIONAL ACCESS TO CARE 2 of convenience care clinics staffed by NPs, such as the high quality and lower cost associated with nurse practitioner care, and the increased access to care by community members.


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