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Principles For Nurse Staffing

Click on the cogs below to read details on each of the five Principles for Nurse Staffing.

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Principles for Nurse Staffing

Free eBook: Principles for Nurse Staffing

The ANA Principles for Nurse Staffing identify the major elements needed to achieve optimal staffing, which enhances the delivery of safe, quality care. These principles and the supporting material in ANA's Principles for Nurse Staffing, 3rd Edition will guide nurses and other decision-makers in identifying and developing the processes and policies needed to improve nurse staffing at every practice level and in any practice setting.

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Nurse Staffing Infographic

Principles for Nurse Staffing Infographic

View, download and print ANA's Principles for Nurse Staffing infographic to learn about the 5 Principles for Nurse Staffing:

  • Principle #1 Health Care Consumer: Nurse staffing decisions are based on the number and needs of the patients, families, groups, communities and populations served.
  • Principle #2 Interprofessional Teams: Optimal care is achieved through individual actions and collaboration with other health care team members. Nurses are full partners in the delivery of safe, quality health care.
  • Principle #3 Workplace Culture: Organizational leaders must create a workplace environment that values nurses as critical members of the health care team.
  • Principle #4 Practice Environment: All nursing care delivery systems must provide the necessary resources to meet each health care consumer's individual needs and the demands of the unit.
  • Principle #5 Evaluation: Organizations must have appropriate nurse staffing plans. All settings need well-developed staffing guidelines with measurable nurse-sensitive outcomes.


Staffing Webinar

Staffing Webinar

ANA’s Principles for Nurse Staffing is a guide to inform nurse-driven solutions to attain appropriate nurse staffing. Watch the free webinar to learn more about how to use the revised principles in day-to-day nursing practice.

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