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Electronic Pathway to Excellence® Self-Assessment of Organizational Culture Tool

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Pathway Self-Assessment Access
Presented by Ancc

This is an optional electronic version of the Pathway Self-Assessment that enables a simplified collection process of essential data to assist you as you begin your Pathway journey to close gaps from the current state to the desired state.  This enhanced form allows analytical capabilities to engage nurses and stakeholders at all levels to gain insight into the organization’s culture in relation to the compulsory elements of the Pathway Standards.


The Pathway to Excellence Self-Assessment of Organizational Culture was developed by ANCC’s Pathway program to provide organizations interested in pursuing Pathway Designation with a tool to conduct an application readiness self-assessment of their current culture.  Information collected with the tool and any results are designed for the Organization’s internal use only.  ANCC makes no representations or warranties regarding the use of this information for any other purpose.  The Organization should ensure that information collected is kept confidential and any collected information or results are used only for the intended purpose.  ANCC is not liable for any loss, damage, harm or injury arising from or relating to the Organization’s use of information for any purpose, including but not limited to use beyond the intended purpose.  A favorable self-assessment does not guarantee that an Organization will receive Pathway Designation.

Helpful Tips:

  • For optimum use of this self-assessment tool, please view this free tutorial document E-SELF-ASSESSMENT TUTORIAL.
  • Please contact your IT department to determine whether you have compatible Microsoft forms account.  For more information, click HERE.
    When using the free Microsoft forms account, there is a maximum of 200 responses. To accommodate additional responses, export the data to another spreadsheet.  Repeat log-in is required to collect additional responses.


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Product Detail


(Recommended prior to submitting an online application for Pathway to Excellence® designation) The first step in pursuing recognition as a Pathway to Excellence health care organization is conducting a self-assessment and gap analysis of the organizational culture. Information collected is intended for the organization’s internal use. The self-assessment must be deliberate and honest if it is to serve as an accurate measure of the gap between the organization’s current and desired states. This process requires an organization to compare itself against the compulsory elements of the Pathway to Excellence program in order to assess the organization’s current state. For a meaningful organizational self-assessment and gap analysis, it is recommended that nurses at all levels be included early in this process. Specific guidance on conducting an organizational self-assessment can be found in the Pathway to Excellence Application Manual.

For bulk or invoice purchases, please contact

For orders of 20 or more, please contact for reduced shipping amount.

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