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CEO and Founder of ‘Uber for Nurses’ Receives the Jeannine Rivet Award

American Nurses Foundation Confers Prestigious Award During Annual Donor Luncheon


SILVER SPRING, MD –The American Nurses Foundation (the Foundation) is pleased to announce Jasmine Bhatti, MS, RN, as the 2024 recipient of the prestigious Jeannine Rivet National Leadership Award. This annual award is sponsored by the Jeannine Rivet National Leadership Fund, a $10,000 fellowship established through a 10-year partnership between the Foundation and the United Health Foundation (UHF), the philanthropic foundation of UnitedHealth Group.

The Jeannine Rivet National Leadership Award pays tribute to Jeannine Rivet, MPH, RN, FAAN, a retired executive vice president of UnitedHealth Group, for her invaluable impact as a health care leader and many community roles. This fellowship is meant to encourage and inspire the next generation of nurse leaders and innovators to explore new professional opportunities.

Bhatti is a nurse entrepreneur, PhD candidate, and dedicated leader with more than 13 years of experience, most recently working at Mayo Clinic before becoming a full-time entrepreneur. Like most nurses who spend the majority of their time on the frontlines of patient care, she saw where the greatest needs were in her community and saw that as an opportunity to create a solution. As a result, Bhatti founded Navi Nurses in 2021. It’s an innovative business model committed to patient-centered care. What differentiates Navi Nurses is their co-created care model which ensures that the patient’s goals are always driving the care delivered. This approach is managed by the nurse, who collaborates with the entire health care team. With a self-pay payment structure that removes barriers and restrictions that people often face due to insurance, coupled with convenient and quick access, colleagues have described Jasmine’s company as “the Uber of Nursing,” saying she has “mastered the art and science of innovation and entrepreneurship.” Navi Nurses has garnered numerous awards and grants during its infancy, including acceptance to the prestigious Mayo Clinic MedTech Accelerator as its first nurse-led company.

The Foundation recently caught up with Bhatti to discuss the inspiration for her new business model and goals for the future:


Was there a defining moment that inspired you to create Navi Nurses? Is there special significance behind the name?

Having dedicated thirteen years to nursing practice, I have witnessed firsthand the evolving challenges and opportunities overall within our health care system and how nurses play a critical role in improving it. What I noticed while working within the greater Phoenix area was that there was a desire for more wholistic care that prioritized the needs of the patient while being accessible and timely. Many people do not qualify for home health, and those that do often report feeling like it is simply not enough support. My patients would always ask me if I could be part of their care at home, having been at their bedside during their hospitalization, but that was just not possible. Now, it is.

The name of my company ‘Navi’ is a shortened derivative of the Hindu word ‘Anavi’ which means ‘the first ray of light after the darkness’ and ‘someone who shows kindness or compassion to others’. So, the name was just a perfect fit. The name embodies the exact essence of what nurses do.”

What drives you as an entrepreneur?

“In the beginning, I was driven to solve the problem that so many people feel unprepared to be at home after discharge from the hospital. I was eager to test out a model and see if it could make a difference. I have realized that the difference is so much more profound. We are having an impact on patients and their families in so many ways. Most importantly, I am seeing how much nurses love being nurses again. I get up every single day with the intention to grow so that more nurses can participate in this style of care delivery and rekindle their love for nursing. It’s been a gift to help lift other nurses into leadership roles as we have grown. Watching them fearlessly take on challenges and go from bedside to leader is incredible. Lastly, it is incredibly important to set an example of success for other women, nurses, and minorities. There are not very many of us in the startup space, but this is where we need to be to create the solutions that health care desperately needs right now.”

What are your hopes for the future of Navi Nurses?

“My hope is to build a nationally recognized brand that people come to know and trust for nursing care when they need more support and want to feel like they have a voice in their health care goals. I want our communities to finally understand what it is that we do as nurses, and why our role is so critical in their health. And ultimately, I just want nurses to be happy again. I want them to experience what nursing should be all about-- intentional connection and care without all the red tape. I’m honored to be re-branding our sacred profession to help propel nursing forward.”

The Foundation is sincerely grateful to the United Health Foundation for their partnership and its generosity in sponsoring this award. This is the 6th Jeannine Rivet National Leadership Award conferred, highlighting the commitment of the United Health Foundation to the advancement and professional development of nurses. Jeannine Rivet will attend the Foundation’s annual Donor Luncheon during ANA’s Membership Assembly to personally bestow the award. Read more about the Jeannine Rivet Award, past recipients, and the Foundation’s other grants by visiting here.


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