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The American Public Continues to Rank Nurses as The Most Honest and Ethical Professionals in Annual Gallup Poll


Zachary Levine

Keziah Proctor

Silver Spring, MD – The American public once again ranks nurses as the most honest and ethical professionals in Gallup's annual poll for the 19th consecutive year. This consistent ranking directly reflects the trust the public has in nurses and underscores the urgent need to continue to support and protect the nursing workforce. In addition to practicing the precautions that prevent the spread of COVID-19, we must all seek out reliable sources of information to increase our confidence in COVID-19 vaccines as they are made available.

This notable achievement in Gallup’s annual poll takes on even more significance this year as nurses respond courageously to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I am extremely proud of my fellow nurses,” said ANA President Ernest Grant, PHD, RN, FAAN. “Nurses have been tested in every way imaginable during 2020. The world watched as nurses lost numerous patients and colleagues to a highly communicable, deadly virus while trying to protect and preserve their communities with limited resources and support. Nevertheless, through it all, nurses have consistently proven they are resilient, selfless, and compassionate, risking their health and safety for the common good. Therefore, nurses are undoubtedly deserving of the public’s unwavering trust,” said Grant.   

The American public rated nurses the highest among a host of professionals, including doctors, pharmacists, and grade schoolteachers. According to the poll, 89% of Americans rated nurses’ honesty and ethical standards as “very high” or “high.” The second highest-rated professionals, medical doctors, placed 12 percentage points behind nursing.                                                                         

“As we congratulate nurses, we must remember their tremendous sacrifices as they continue to serve on the frontlines of this pandemic, which has taken a heavy toll. ANA’s top priority will remain ensuring that the nursing workforce is prepared, protected, and supported. For doing so is vital in the nation’s ability to effectively respond to this virus, so we can all successfully recover better, faster, and stronger.”  

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