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Congrats Nurses!

Nurses Maintain #1 Rank

For the 16th consecutive year, the American public has ranked nurses as the professionals with the highest honesty and ethical standards, according to a Gallup poll released today. The annual poll has ranked nurses as the most honest and ethical out of a wide spectrum of professions, including pharmacists and grade school teachers.

tax cuts and jobs act

ANA Strongly Opposes the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

“The American Nurses Association is deeply concerned about the devastating impact that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will have on health care in this country. Under the guise of a promise to slash taxes for corporations and middle-class Americans is a clear intent to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which has helped nearly 16 million Americans obtain health coverage. It is also no secret the actions that will be pursued to make up for the inflated deficit caused by this tax bill will be the cutting of essential anti-poverty programs as well as Medicare and Medicaid."

Donald Trump

ANA Condemns Trump's Latest Executive Order

"This is an all-out assault on the consumer protections gained under the Affordable Care Act, creating sub-par health care for some and higher costs for others: Patients could be sold insurance plans that do not cover essential health services, like contraception, mental health care, and addiction treatment; patients with pre-existing conditions may not be able to afford coverage and the health care markets could be destabilized, leaving consumers with fewer – if any – options for affordable, quality health coverage."

Marla Weston

ANA Enterprise CEO Weston Announces Resignation

After more than eight years of dedicated and visionary leadership, ANA Enterprise Chief Executive Officer Marla J. Weston, PhD, RN, FAAN, has announced her resignation, effective January 1, 2018. 

nurse alex wubbles and police

ANA Calls for Action in Wake of Police Abuse of RN

The American Nurses Association (ANA) is outraged that a registered nurse was handcuffed and arrested by a police officer for following her hospital’s policy and the law, and is calling for the Salt Lake City Police Department to conduct a full investigation, make amends to the nurse, and take action to prevent future abuses.

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