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Join ANA and Your State Nurses Association

Join the American Nurses Association (ANA) and Your State Nurses Association, for the professional support and growth that you won’t find anywhere else.

ANA is a friend and ally to 5 million registered nurses in the U.S., throughout all specialties and practice settings. Together, we have the power to advance the nursing profession and create a health care environment in which nurses can thrive.



By joining ANA, you’re a part of this national powerhouse - and it’s the best gift you can give to your career. ANA members have access to unparalleled professional development opportunities, the very latest in nursing news, and support from nurses across the nation.

It’s time to show pride in the power of nursing, and become the best nurse that you can be.

Member benefits

Nursing requires dedication, and ANA membership rewards your commitment. From certification discounts to networking opportunities, membership benefits your career and your lifestyle. And because ANA champions nursing at state and federal level, you can rest assured that your interests are always protected.

  • Advance your career with free development resources and webinars;
  • Stay current with the most up-to-date nursing news;
  • Save money with big discounts on CE, certification, publications and more;
  • Network and connect with Registered Nurses (RN) for support and advice;
  • Make your voice heard with opportunities to tell policymakers what you think; and
  • Receive state nurse association member benefits.


How will ANA grow your career?

Membership in ANA is central to your development as a nurse. From the moment you start your career, we will be there to support and assist your lifelong professional growth. It’s a way for you to affect change and be a part of something bigger.

You’ll get access to a variety of programs and products that have been designed just for registered nurses:

Members can build their network, and connect with other nurses:

  • Events throughout the year, from conferences to webinars; and
  • ANA Community our social network where you can connect with colleagues across the country.

What tools and knowledge will you gain?

Stay at the top of the nursing profession, with the very latest information on technological advances, scientific breakthroughs and best-practices. You will have access to:

Members also have access to valuable professional tools:

  • CINAHL ®Drug Name Error Finder Tool;
  • Global Disease Alert Map; and
  • PubMed Citations.

How will ANA reward you?

As a member, you’re entitled to valuable offers to advance your career:

How does joining ANA advance the nursing profession?

ANA works for you on the national level, to ensure that the nursing profession is advanced across the U.S.:

  • Federal lobbying on issues important to nursing and health care;
  • Advocating for nursing in federal agencies and even at the White House;
  • Speaking for nursing through the national media; and
  • Speaking for U.S. nurses internationally.

Your state nurses association works for you on the state level by:

  • Protecting your Nursing Practice Act; and
  • Advocating at the state level.

As a member, you can personally support the nursing profession through:

  • Member surveys that influence ANA's agenda;
  • The opportunity to join grass roots advocacy efforts;
  • Donations to the American Nurses Association Political Action Committee (ANA-PAC) and help support pro-nursing Members of Congress from all parties; and
  • ANA's Nurses Strategic Action Team (N-STAT) makes it easy for you to unite with your colleagues across the nation and let lawmakers know how you feel. It keeps you up to speed on key bills as they move through Congress and lets you know when your e-mails, phone calls and letters will make the most impact.

Membership options to suit you

Joining ANA is simple; just select your plan from the choices below. ANA offers three different membership options, each with easy and affordable payment plans.

ANA & State - The gold standard of membership

  • By joining ANA and your state nurses association, you will receive full benefits from both, including:
    • Professional development opportunities to expand your knowledge with the most up-to-date skills;
    • Influence on decisions made at both state and national level that affect nursing;
    • The opportunity to fully support and elevate the nursing profession and provide the highest quality patient care; and
    • Valuable American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) discounts.
  • State benefits vary, but often include:
    • State association newsletter;
    • Representation in the state house on critical issues;
    • Local networking opportunities;
    • Education and career development; and
    • Career center and job networking.

Join Now

Limited membership options

ANA Only Limited Memberships – Without State Benefits

  • You will receive the standard ANA benefits, but miss out on the opportunity to support nursing at a state level.

Availability: ANA Only Limited Membership is only available in the following locations:




District of Columbia


South Dakota


North Carolina



Join Now

ANA E-Membership– the most basic option

  • An ANA E-Membership is a virtual membership in ANA;
  • E-Membership offers some of the benefits of ANA but does not give you a discount on ANCC certifications, discounts on any ANA products, you do not receive any print copies of American Nurse Today, and you do not receive the free quarterly Navigate Nursing webinar
  • You are not a voting member in ANA.

Availability: ANA E-Membership is only available in the following locations:



North Carolina




District of Columbia


South Dakota


New Mexico

Virgin Islands


Join Now

Resources for nursing students and non-RNs

Students can become ANA Student Subscribers to gain access to vital resources and insight, improve their education, and start supporting fellow nurses from the very start.

Become an ANA Student Subscriber

Although you are not yet eligible for ANA membership until you become a licensed RN, you can become an ANA Subscriber now and access members-only information for free or at a discounted rate.

Become an ANA Subscriber


That’s what ANA is here for—to really promote the nurse…and get us into the best position so we can provide the best care for our patients.
Join the American Nurses Association (ANA), for professional support and growth that you won’t find anywhere else.

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