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ANA Enterprise 2020 - 2023 Strategic Plan


One Vision, One Mission

The ANA Enterprise is the family of organizations that includes the American Nurses Association (ANA), the American Nurses Foundation (Foundation), and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Our three organizations work together to achieve our shared vision, mission, and values.

Previously, each of these organizations operated according to individual strategic plans. In July 2019, the ANA, Foundation, and ANCC boards decided to transition from three individual strategic plans to one ANA Enterprise 2020-2023 Strategic Plan to fully leverage our collective knowledge and strength to achieve our vision, advance our mission, and ensure a strong, unified, national voice for the profession of nursing.

gfx_bullet-logo.fw.pngANA Enterprise Vision

A healthy world through the power of nursing

gfx_bullet-logo.fw.pngANA Enterprise Mission

Lead the profession to shape the future of nursing and health care

gfx_bullet-logo.fw.pngANA Enterprise Values

Our values guide our collective thinking and actions. They represent the fundamental beliefs that support our vision, shape our culture, guide decision-making, and inform our strategic direction.

  • Trusted: We act with integrity, respect, transparency, and humility in all we do.
  • Inclusive: We embrace the uniqueness of every individual, including diversity of thought, as we work collaboratively to bring our very best.
  • Innovative: We are creative, nimble, open to change, and we will never stop striving for excellence.
  • Empowered: We choose to see it, own it, solve it, and do it, through shared decision-making, optimism, and joy.

The ANA Enterprise 2020-2023 Strategic Plan puts our shared vision, mission and values into action to allow the ANA Enterprise to be a true catalyst for creating a healthy world and leading the nursing profession to shape the future of nursing and health care.

ANA Enterprise 2020-2023 Strategic Plan: Goals and Objectives

The ANA Enterprise 2020-2023 Strategic Plan includes our strategic goals and objectives representing our priorities and our areas of focus.

icon goal.fw.pngGoal 1: Elevate the Profession of Nursing Globally

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 1.1. Elevate the image of nursing in health care and with consumers.

Nurses spend more time with patients than any other care provider and are considered the most trusted professionals in America. However, we see many opportunities to further advance the image and role of nurses across diverse practice settings and in the minds of consumers, including:

  • Establishing the ANA Enterprise as the most respected resource for the voice of nursing globally.
  • Raising brand awareness of the ANA Enterprise.
  • Increasing new applicants for individual certification.

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 1.2: Grow and diversify credentialing portfolio.

Health care continues to become more complex and specialized, making it more important than ever for individual registered nurses, programs, and organizations to demonstrate competence and a commitment to excellence. We are seeking to expand and diversify ANCC’s credentialing portfolio to support emerging areas of nursing practice by:

  • Increasing awareness of the value of credentialing with individual registered nurses, programs, and organizations.
  • Diversifying ANCC’s credentialing offerings for individual registered nurses, programs, and organizations.

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 1.3: Build a body of evidence to demonstrate how ANA Enterprise products and programs positively impact the practice environment across diverse settings.

Limited resources and greater emphasis on measuring and reporting outcomes means health care organizations are increasingly required to provide evidence of results. ANA Enterprise will help meet this need by:

  • Demonstrating how ANA Enterprise products and programs drive improvement in practice work environments and patient outcomes globally.

icon goal.fw.pngGoal 2: Engage All Nurses to Ensure Professional Success

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 2.1: Deliver data-driven personalized programs, products, and services to nurses throughout their careers

In 2017, ANA identified three priority audiences – Early Career, Up & Comers, and Nursing Leaders – and initiated efforts to develop targeted programs, products, and services for these segments. The ANA Enterprise will continue to leverage data-driven insights to provide the most relevant programs, products, and services to deliver the greatest value to nurses throughout their careers by:

  • Extending the use of the career stage segmentation model to increase value and drive revenue.
  • Creating synergies to increase engagement and sales across the ANA Enterprise.
  • Using content and channels to deepen engagement at every stage, from student to retirement.
  • Developing and launching a personal career portfolio platform.

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 2.2: Increase customer loyalty with the ANA Enterprise

Today’s world is filled with expanding options for obtaining professional information, career development, membership affiliations, social networking, and credentialing. We seek to retain and earn our customer’s loyalty in this competitive environment by:

  • Creating relevant customer-centric journeys and experiences based on data and voice of our customers.

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 2.3: Identify and grow priority nurse segments.

As health care evolves and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) become even more central to new models of care delivery, the ANA Enterprise will ensure that its policies, programs, and other offerings add value for this important segment of nurses by:

  • Enhancing the ANA Enterprise’s approach to addressing the unique needs of APRNs.

icon goal.fw.pngGoal 3: Evolve the Practice of Nursing to Transform Health and Health Care

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 3.1: Advance workforce priorities and improve the work environment across diverse practice settings.

Nurses face serious challenges in their work environment, such as inadequate staffing, workplace, violence, bullying, and fatigue, all of which negatively impact the personal health of nurses and patient outcomes. ANA will continue to advocate for and empower nurses
and organizations with resources to create healthy, productive, and effective work environments by:

  • Advancing solutions to address nurse staffing.
  • Advancing solutions to address workplace violence.
  • Improving nurses’ health by advancing Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation year 3 goals.

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 3.2: Evolve nursing programs and practice priorities.

ANA’s programs and positions guide the nursing profession and educate decision-makers on nursing practices and policies. As health care delivery becomes increasingly complex, ANA will continue to help nurses assume new and expanded roles in emerging areas of practice by:

  • Leveraging ANA’s foundational work to advance professional nursing practice.
  • Advancing priority nursing practice, policy, and advocacy issues.

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 3.3: Expand coverage and payment to reform health care.

Antiquated policies and reimbursement rules restrict access to nursing services and limit innovation of new nurse-focused care delivery models. ANA will continue advocating for equitable payment for nursing services, allowing nurses to practice at the top of their
license, and equal reimbursement rates when nurses provide the same services under the same billing codes by:

  • Advancing parity in coverage and payment for nursing services in public and private health care systems.

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 3.4: Develop nurses to lead and innovate.

As consumer-driven business models, emerging technologies, and new forms of care delivery continue to transform health care, we see an opportunity to advance the role of nurses and nursing in driving innovation and leading transformational change by:

  • Assisting nurses in obtaining and communicating leadership roles that advance ANA Enterprise goals.
  • Defining, delivering and communicating innovation research and projects that demonstrate the future of the profession and its impact on health care transformation.

icon goal.fw.pngGoal 4: Enable Transformational Capabilities Through Operational Excellence

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 4.1: Deliver optimal technology capabilities for the ANA Enterprise technology services.

Delivering value to customers, creating engaging experiences, and innovating in today’s world requires stable, secure and effective technology, which we will provide by:

  • Aligning IT resources with business strategy, protecting Enterprise information assets, and ensuring continuity of operations.

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 4.2: Promote equity, diversity and inclusion throughout the profession and across the ANA Enterprise to encourage culturally informed care and workplace practices.

Equity, diversity and inclusion are essential for a healthy society. The ANA Enterprise has an opportunity to create and model a high-performing, equitable, diverse and inclusive work environment and culture by:

  • Earning recognition as a values-driven workplace that embraces inclusivity and promotes diversity and equity, internally and externally.
  • Earning recognition as a community-focused employer of choice with highly engaged employees.

icon objective.fw.pngObjective 4.3: Apply a comprehensive project management approach to ANA Enterprise resource prioritization, planning, and optimization.

Today’s fast-paced environment requires a disciplined approach to managing resources, prioritizing opportunities, and implementing projects, which we will provide by:

  • Creating a comprehensive project management capability to ensure the ANA Enterprise’s resources are planned for, prioritized, and optimized.

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