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Episode 106: Investing in Nurses! Insights in Action

69 min listen

Unveiling the ANF Report's Alarming Findings

In 2023, the American Nurses Foundation (ANF) released a groundbreaking report on Philanthropic Support for the Nursing Profession. This report revealed a concerning figure: despite the recognized need for significant investment, nursing receives just one penny of every healthcare philanthropy dollar. This funding gap is urgent, underscoring the necessity to transform our complex healthcare systems and care delivery.

Philanthropy's Role in Transforming Nursing

Throughout this series, we engage in rare, in-depth, unscripted conversations with philanthropists, fundraisers, program managers, executive directors, grantees, and innovators. We delve into the creative, strategic, and evidence-based approaches to funding nursing education and practice. These discussions reveal why, how, and who is making these crucial investments, and why they are so imperative for the future of healthcare.

Strategic Investments and Transformative Actions

In this episode, we talk with Kate Judge of the American Nurses Foundation to unpack the key findings from the ANF report. We discuss where investments in nursing are currently being made and identify areas needing more resources such as leadership, workforce development, and new models of care. Additionally, we hear from philanthropist Victoria Simms, PhD, Executive Director Rachel Barchie of the Simms/Mann Family Foundation, and nurse executive Karen Grimley. They share how they are implementing the findings of the ANF report through transformative gifts to health systems, strategic partnerships, and the innovative "Off the Chart: Rewarding Nursing Greatness" campaign.


About See You Now Podcast

See You Now is a podcast highlighting the innovative and human centered solutions that nurses are coming up with to solve for today’s most challenging, healthcare problems, created in collaboration with Johnson and Johnson and the American Nurses Association and hosted by nurse, economist and health tech specialist, Shawna Butler.


Transforming Healthcare: Discover the Future Today with See You Now

Dive into our latest episodes where innovation meets care. Hear from the changemakers reshaping healthcare for all of us.

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