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Episode 104: Practicing Green Health

70 min listen

Envisioning a Thriving Planet Through Healthcare Sustainability

Imagine a world where communities are not only healthy but also equitable and resilient. This is the vision of Practice Greenhealth, a leading sustainability network that provides environmental solutions to over 1,700 hospitals and health systems across the US and Canada. The significance of healthcare sustainability is more critical than ever, as the sector, if considered a country, would rank as the fifth-largest carbon emitter globally.

The World Health Organization has highlighted the undeniable impact of environmental conditions on human health, stating that enhancing these conditions could prevent nearly a quarter of global diseases. Amid rising concerns about climate change as a formidable public health threat, healthcare leaders are increasingly prioritizing the integration of sustainability and resilience into their operational and strategic frameworks.

Leading the Charge in Environmental Stewardship

In this insightful episode, we engage with clinical experts and sustainability champions like Shanda Demorest DNP, RN, PHN, Jonathan Perlin MD, PhD, Jessica Wolff MBA, MSN, Emma Pascale Blakey PhD, RN, and Beth Schenk PhD, MHI, RN-BC. They share how the healthcare sector is responding to the generational demand for environmental stewardship. Our guests delve into the various tools, resources, and exemplary practices that are driving the healthcare industry towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.


About See You Now Podcast

See You Now is a podcast highlighting the innovative and human centered solutions that nurses are coming up with to solve for today’s most challenging, healthcare problems, created in collaboration with Johnson and Johnson and the American Nurses Association and hosted by nurse, economist and health tech specialist, Shawna Butler.


Transforming Healthcare: Discover the Future Today with See You Now

Dive into our latest episodes where innovation meets care. Hear from the changemakers reshaping healthcare for all of us.

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