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Episode 103: Women Making History

50 min listen

Celebrating Women's Achievements in Healthcare During Women's History Month

March was a pivotal time as we celebrated Women's History Month, a tribute to the monumental achievements of women. This period is dedicated to acknowledging the powerful impact women have made in various fields, particularly emphasizing those who have left an indelible mark on healthcare and nursing. The nursing profession, known for its significant female representation, serves as a testament to women's enduring legacy in shaping our health systems and societal wellbeing.

Highlighting Trailblazers in Nursing and Healthcare

Women's History Month 2024 takes a special turn, spotlighting women who tirelessly champion equity, diversity, and inclusion within healthcare. The SEE YOU NOW podcast is a beacon, shedding light on the stories of these remarkable women. Through our journey, we've encountered numerous women whose contributions are not merely historical footnotes but active elements of change, promoting a more inclusive and equitable future.

The Power of Nursing: Advocacy and Impact

In this special episode, the SEE YOU NOW team revisits past discussions to showcase women who have fundamentally altered our historical landscape. These women, many of whom wield their "nursing superpowers," are at the forefront of advocating for social equity and representation. Their dedication to identifying and addressing disparities in healthcare exemplifies how the profession is more than a job—it's a mission to forge a path towards a better future for everyone. Through their efforts, they write a new chapter of history, enriched with valuable lessons, blueprints for progress, and meaningful contributions.

Dive deep with us as we spotlight some of the most influential women in healthcare from our past episodes. In the SEE YOU NOW podcast, we've had the privilege of sharing the journeys of pioneers who have not only made history but continue to influence the future of healthcare, nursing, and social justice. Each episode is a testament to the power of advocacy, the pursuit of equity, diversity, and inclusion, and the impactful use of nursing superpowers to drive meaningful change. Join us as we explore the stories of these remarkable women, whose contributions have paved the way for a more inclusive and equitable world.


About See You Now Podcast

See You Now is a podcast highlighting the innovative and human centered solutions that nurses are coming up with to solve for today’s most challenging, healthcare problems, created in collaboration with Johnson and Johnson and the American Nurses Association and hosted by nurse, economist and health tech specialist, Shawna Butler.

Transforming Healthcare: Discover the Future Today with See You Now

Dive into our latest episodes where innovation meets care. Hear from the changemakers reshaping healthcare for all of us.

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