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Episode 105: Fostering Kids   Fostering Families

Episode 105: Fostering Kids Fostering Families

50 minJune, 03 2024

The Growing Crisis in Youth Mental Health

Social isolation, technology use, and mental health conditions like anxiety and depression are sharply rising among children and teens. The US Surgeon General’s Advisory highlights that the current generation faces challenges that are both unprecedented and exceptionally difficult to navigate. The impact on their mental health has been profound, particularly for the nearly half a million children in the U.S. foster care system each year, who often endure trauma, instability, and neglect.

Foster Care Awareness and Mental Health Awareness Month

May serves as a critical month, hosting both Foster Care Awareness and Mental Health Awareness. During this time, we amplify the interconnectedness of foster care and mental health. Through the powerful narrative of Sharrica Miller, PhD, RN—a nurse practitioner and foster care survivor—we gain unique insights into the lived and professional experiences that link these important areas.

Advocacy and Action: Shaping Policy for Foster Care Youth

In this episode, Sharrica Miller provides a raw and insightful look into the foster care experience. She discusses how nurses can leverage their advocacy and clinical skills to collaborate with social services, protecting and stabilizing children in foster care. Moreover, Sharrica shares her research, mentoring efforts, and advocacy for legislative and policy changes aimed at improving the child welfare system. Her work focuses on safeguarding the health and well-being of children as they transition out of foster care.


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