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Episode 107: Investing in Nurses! A Nurse’s Journey

66 min listen

A Deep Dive into Nursing Philanthropy

The American Nurses Foundation's groundbreaking report on Philanthropic Support for the Nursing Profession has unveiled a startling statistic: nursing receives merely one penny of every healthcare philanthropy dollar. This revelation underscores the critical need for significant and urgent investments in nursing to revolutionize our complex healthcare systems and care delivery..

Innovative Philanthropic Strategies to Support Nursing

In the second episode of our series featuring unscripted conversations with leading philanthropists, fundraisers, and healthcare innovators, we explore the creative and strategic ways foundations are investing in the nursing field. This episode focuses on engaging students as early as middle school to spark interest in healthcare careers, delivering education through the lens of health and education equity, and building the diverse workforce necessary to address current shortages and future demands.

Conversations with Leaders in Nursing Philanthropy

Join us for in-depth discussions with Pamela McCue PhD, RN, CEO of NursesMC, Jenny Kane of Bloomberg Philanthropies, and others as we delve into transformative philanthropic efforts like the Bloomberg Philanthropies $250 million Career and Technical Education Healthcare Initiative. We also examine the innovative NursesMC model, which aims to develop a representative nursing workforce by focusing on the social determinants of health, education, and employment.



About See You Now Podcast

See You Now is a podcast highlighting the innovative and human centered solutions that nurses are coming up with to solve for today’s most challenging, healthcare problems, created in collaboration with Johnson and Johnson and the American Nurses Association and hosted by nurse, economist and health tech specialist, Shawna Butler.

Transforming Healthcare: Discover the Future Today with See You Now

Dive into our latest episodes where innovation meets care. Hear from the changemakers reshaping healthcare for all of us.

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