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On-the-Go Resources

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On-the-Go Resources

The following Quick Videos are designed to give you the accurate information you need, without requiring hours of your time. Gain practical tips on the go with 2-10 minutes videos from CDC expert Dr. Michael Bell. 

Topics include PPE – reviewing what, why and when – tips to reduce transmission and an introduction to Project Firstline, a collaborative effort between ANA and the CDC to provide access to ongoing foundational and practical IPC knowledge for frontline healthcare and public health professionals.

Watch now for useful knowledge and instructions you can use to help fight the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. Together, we can stop the spread.

What is Project Firstline?

This two-minute quick video introduces you to Project Firstline, ANA’s new collaborative initiative with the CDC on infection prevention and control.

PPE: The What and the Why

This four-minute quick video covers the appropriate PPE needed while caring for COVID-19 patients and its impact on protection from infection.

Tips to Reduce Transmission in a Healthcare Setting

This 10-minute quick video covers a holistic approach to infection prevention and control in the workplace.

When Choosing PPE, How Should We Think about Risk?

This two-minute quick video covers what to consider when selecting PPE when providing patient care.



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