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Moral Resilience Panel

It has begun its work on the topic and is no longer accepting applications.

All applicants were notified of the Steering Committee selection on January 25, 2017.

The American Nurses Association's Center for Ethics and Human Rights is seeking applications for a Moral Resilience Professional Issues Panel to be convened February 2017. The panel will develop policy and identify strategies to strengthen moral resilience within practicing nurses. The goal of strengthening moral resilience is to address the phenomena of moral distress. Moral distress occurs when nurses know what the morally right thing to do is, but institutional, procedural or social constraints make doing the right thing nearly impossible. Moral distress threatens the core values and moral integrity of nurses and other health care providers. The panel will conduct its work over a 4-6 month period.

The goal of the Moral Resilience Professional Issues Panel is to:

  • Identify current understanding of moral distress in practicing nurses (including but not limited to hospital, long term care, education, administration, research).
  • Identify current and potential strategies to strengthen moral resilience.
  • Assess current availability and scalability of resources that contribute to moral resilience.
  • Identify strategies that could strengthen the "ethical voice" of nurses across care settings.
  • Establish goals to strengthen moral resilience.

This panel consists of a Steering Committee of 15 members (see below for Steering Committee names) that will guide the development of resources and policy via virtual meetings. The Steering Committee will meet intensively, at least once a month via conference call for approximately two hours in addition to email dialogue. The policy development from the Steering Committee may also require up to an additional 10 hours a month. The appointed Co-Chairs of the Steering Committee may have an additional 2-4 hours per month time commitments.

All applicants not selected for the Steering Committee have the opportunity to participate in the associated Advisory Committee. Advisory Committee members will provide feedback, additional information and advice to ANA and the Steering Committee regarding the direction of the policy development. The time commitment for the Advisory committee is less frequent and will consist of virtual dialogue through an online platform. The Advisory Committee requires approximately one hour per month of online dialogue for the duration of the panel.

Learn more about how the Steering and Advisory Committees function within ANA's Professional Issues Panel Framework.

For Professional Issue Panel related questions, please email Please do not send applications to this email address. All applications MUST be submitted through the electronic application form.

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