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Top Issues for Staff Nurses

Nurse staffing has major influence over patient safety. Some states have launched legislation regulating staffing, but more can be done. Here are some factors to take into account when considering nurse staffing and patient safety at your workplace.

Safe Staffing Levels

For practicing RNs, staffing is an issue of both professional and personal concern. Inappropriate staffing levels can threaten patient health and safety, leading to greater complexity of care. Inappropriate nurse staffing levels also affect RNs' health and safety by increasing stress, fatigue, worksite-related injury rates, and the ability to provide safe care.

The American Nurses Association has worked continuously to ensure that safe staffing levels are recognized and implemented through surveys, research, data collection, legislative means and other activities. For more information, click here.

Mandatory Overtime

Staff nurses across the nation are reporting a significant increase in the use of mandatory overtime as a staffing tool. This dangerous nurse staffing practice — due in part to a nurse staffing shortage — is having a negative effect on patient safety. Overworked and fatigued nurses increase the likelihood of injury to the patient and to the nurse, ultimately driving nurses away from patient care

Is this happening at your workplace? Read what ANA is doing to prevent this dangerous policy and what other issues ANA is addressing on your behalf.

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