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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does it work?

A: Beginning January 1, 2021, applicants pursuing their initial or renewal application for 2021 Pathway to Excellence® designation will receive one invoice 30 days before their scheduled document submission.

This invoice includes:

  • Appraisal (including interim monitoring) review plus support
  • Appraiser fees

Once the appraisal review is complete, the Commission on Pathway to Excellence will conduct its normalprocess of monthly decisions.

If your organization is successfully designated, the balance of services will be invoiced over the four-year designation term:

  • The Pathway Program Office will send an invoice at the first-, second- and third-year anniversary ofdesignation (see fee schedule example below).



April 2021 submission with successful designation, 375 licensed beds: All Applicants

Submission of Pathway Applicant Registration (no invoice) $2,500

Applicant Registration Fee Due (No Invoice) 8 Months Before Document Submission Date $2,500
Additional Campus Fee Added to invoice appraisal review and support service fees below. $2,000 per additional site


Appraisal Review and Support Service Fees  |  Bed Size: 300-399
BED SIZE: 375 DATE DUE (Invoiced 30 days before) FEE
Appraisal Fee Document Submission: April 2021
Decision Notification: Approximately October 2021
Annual Support Service Year 1 Fee* Anniversary Year 1: October 2022 $7,167
Annual Support Service Year 2 Fee* Anniversary Year 2: October 2023 $7,167
Annual Support Service Year 3 Fee* Anniversary Year 3: October 2024 $7,166
TOTAL* $43,000
Pathway Applicant Registration Eight months before October 2025 (no invoice); paid separately See website
Redesignation: Appraisal and Support Fee Redesignation: Document Submission by October 2025

*N/A if not designated


As always, invoice payment must be received before decision notification.

NOTE: The new fee structure does not include or apply to the single entity application fee, extension fee (if requested), and re-administration of survey fee. Those fees, as applicable, will continue to be invoiced in real time and will be in addition to the appraisal and support fees outlined herein.

Q: What is the new fee model, effective January 1, 2021?

A: Payment Model Fee** Schedule (2021 fees are unchanged)


Bed Size Invoice 30 Days Before Document Submission Invoice Year 1 Anniversary Invoice Year 2 Anniversary Invoice Year 3 Anniversary Total
<50-100 $11,500 $3,834 $3,833 $3,833 $23,000
101-299 $16,500 $5,500 $5,500 $5,500 $33,000
300-399 $21,500 $7,167 $7,167 $7,166 $43,000
400-599 $26,500 $8,833 $8,833 $8,834 $53,000
600-699 $30,500 $10,167 $10,167 $10,166 $61,000
$45 for each bed over 700
Example - actual fees depend on bed size
$30,500+ $10,167+ $10,167+ $10,166+ $61,000+

**All fees are subject to change


Ambulatory applicants: Fees are charged by the number of visits and for additional branches. Please contact for further fee information.

Q: My organization’s written documentation is due in 2022. Will we follow the same fee structure?

A: Yes. The effective date of the new fee structure is January 1, 2021. All applicants submitting documents on or after this date will follow the invoicing model. Your organization will receive one ANCC invoice, 30 days before the scheduled submission of your written documentation. If successfully designated, you will receive one invoice annually on the anniversary month.

Q: Will there be an across-the-board fee increase for all bed sizes in 2021?

A: Despite major program enhancements in recent years, no across-the-board fee increases have been assessed since 2018, and none will be assessed in 2021.

Q: What happens if we receive approval for an extension of our written documentation submission date?

A: You will receive an invoice for the extension fee. Your appraisal fee invoice will be rescheduled for the month of your new submission date.

Q: What happens if we are unsuccessful during the appraisal review? Do we owe additional fees?

A: No. The appraisal fee invoice is your only financial obligation for that review.

Q: What happens if we do not pursue the next designation?

A: Pathway-designated organizations must maintain all aspects of program requirements to retain the designation. This includes payment of all fees during the term of designation. If for any reason the designated organization does not fulfill program requirements, actions will be taken, up to and including revocation.


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