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Journey to Magnet Excellence Tool Kit

Use of the Journey to Magnet Excellence® logo is restricted to an organization or system whose application for Journey to Magnet Excellence recognition has been accepted by the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program Office, unless otherwise permitted in writing by the ANCC. The Journey to Magnet Excellence logo is the property of ANCC.

ANCC Journey to Magnet Excellence organizations have the right to utilize the certification mark – in accordance with the guidelines provided in this document – on letterhead, brochures, and for publicity activities relating to the program and/or nursing activities within the designated organization.

Other than in relation to the recognition of nursing services, the Journey to Magnet Excellence name and logo should not be used in conjunction with any goods, products, or other services created, offered or sold by the designated organization that would create the appearance of an endorsement by Journey to Magnet Excellence or by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

The logos should only be used in a manner that represents the intent of the Journey to Magnet Excellence. ANCC expects that representatives of Journey to Magnet Excellence organizations follow established standards of professional practice and ethics in business, advertising, public relations, sales, and marketing when using the logos.

The Journey to Magnet Excellence® certification mark is a legally trademarked symbol and must be used in accordance with these rules:

  • All lettering inside the logo must be readable when the symbol is used on materials.
  • If the words are not legible, please increase the size of the logo.
  • The logo cannot be altered or modified. It may be resized, provided the proportions of the entire logo are maintained and all features of the logo are clearly distinguishable.
  • The logo shall be reproduced:
    • In black, in green (PMS 3278 green or equivalent), or in full color
    • In a size which makes all features of the mark clearly distinguishable
    • Without distortion of its dimensions
  • The Journey to Magnet Excellence logo cannot be used in isolation from the recognized organization's logo. All materials must contain both the recognized organization's logo and the Journey to Magnet Excellence logo.
  • For the use of the certification mark on electronic documentation (e.g., websites), the same rules as stated in these guidelines apply.
  • Logos used on a Journey to Magnet Excellence organization's website must include a hyperlink to the ANCC Journey to Magnet Excellence web page.

Please note: Organizations on the Journey to Magnet Excellence may not use the name Magnet, Magnet Recognition Program, or the Magnet logo. Access to these names and logos will be granted after the ANCC Commission on Magnet Recognition (COM) officially designates the organization as Magnet.

The Magnet Recognition Program®, ANCC Magnet Recognition®, and Magnet® names and logos are registered trademarks of the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Journey to Magnet Excellence® and National Magnet Conference™ are trademarks of the American Nurses Credentialing Center. All rights reserved.

Note for Healthcare Systems

If all healthcare organizations in your system are not included in the accepted Journey to Magnet Excellence application, please be certain the logo is only applied to Journey to Magnet Excellence entities. There must be no confusion about which organizations the logo applies. If you have any questions as to whether your proposed use of the certification mark meets these requirements, please email a sample to ANCC for review.

ANCC reserves all rights in its trademarks. ANCC reserves the right to change the guidelines herein, and/or cancel use at any time. Any organization failing to strictly adhere to these guidelines shall have their right to use terminated immediately. In addition, the Journey to Magnet Excellence® reserves the right to terminate its recognition of an organization should an organization violate or continue to violate these guidelines in a manner that may jeopardize the integrity of ANCC trademarks, or program, as defined solely by ANCC.

Use of Logo on Promotional Items

The Summit Group is the official licensed vendor of Magnet and Journey to Magnet Excellence products. Magnet and Journey to Magnet Excellence logos may not be reproduced for use on promotional items except through Summit Group. This includes all requests for embroidery or customized items featuring the Magnet and Journey to Magnet Excellence logos with your organization's name and logo.

The Summit Group is a wholesale vendor and can procure any promotional product commercially available. For pricing and design concepts, please contact the ANCC E-Store Customer Service team or call 877.435.2011.

To access the toolkit, please click the button below:

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