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Magnet Learning Community

What is the Magnet Learning Communities®?

Collaboration has always been an essential part of our profession, and nurses have long sought the advice of their peers as they work together to improve healthcare outcomes for all.

The Magnet Learning Communities (MLC) is an exclusive online community that allows nurses to do just that. Using the Magnet Recognition Program® as a platform, it provides an opportunity for nurses to connect and share best practices, resources, research, experiences, and strategies.

The MLC seeks to create discussion and learning through moderated discussions, educational activities, current research findings, and the sharing of exemplars and outcomes from Magnet-recognized organizations and those on the beginning of their Magnet journey. By pooling our profession’s vast knowledge base, the MLC promotes quality patient care, nursing excellence, and innovations in professional nursing practice.

How does it work?

One key component of the MLC is our selection of web-based knowledge centers – featuring case-studies, tool-kits, research materials, and more. These are based on the cornerstone principles of the Magnet model, together with concrete examples of best-practices within Magnet accredited health organizations. The five components are:

  • Transformational Leadership;
  • Structural Empowerment;
  • Exemplary Professional Practice;
  • New Knowledge, Innovations, and Improvement; and
  • Empirical Outcomes

In addition to these digital resources, the MLC actively generates discussion and learning through moderated discussions, educational activities, and the highlighting of current research findings.

Why become a member?

Organizations that are eligible to apply for the Magnet Recognition Program can become a member of the MLC to help in our shared goal of protecting, promoting, and improving health care for all. Members are able to:

  • Gain access to recognized exemplary practices of other Magnet facilities, and share their own best-practice experiences;
  • Make use of tools and resources to inform and support both their and their organization’s quest for health excellence;
  • Influence their own institution’s organizational structure thanks to their knowledge of how other Magnet-recognized facilities address similar challenges;
  • Expand their professional network and opportunities by connecting with like-minded health professionals; and
  • Be kept up to date on the Magnet Recognition Program via newsletters and member-only educational activities online.


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How to join

MLC Eligibility and Fees

A Magnet Learning Communities® (MLC) subscription is available to all healthcare organizations regardless of size, setting, location, or Magnet status. You may join at any time during the year. The subscription fee is managed on an annual cycle.

Members Annual Subscription
1 - 50 $1,200
51 - 100 $2,100
100 - 150 $3,000
151+ Call 301.628.5207


Express Your Interest

To request more information or join, please provide your contact information and details about your organization.

1.800.284.2378  |


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