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Journey to Magnet Excellence® Logo Guidelines

The Journey to Magnet Excellence® certification mark (logo) may only be used by organizations who have submitted an application to the Magnet Recognition Program® to begin their Journey to Magnet Excellence recognition. Organizations on the Journey to Magnet Excellence may not use the name Magnet®, Magnet Recognition Program® or the Magnet logo. Access to these names and logos are granted after the ANCC Commission on Magnet Recognition (COM) officially designates the organization as Magnet®

Use of Logo on Promotional Items

The Summit Group is the official licensed vendor of Magnet® and Journey to Magnet Excellence® products. Magnet® and Journey to Magnet Excellence® logos may not be reproduced for use on promotional items except through Summit Group. This includes all requests for embroidery or customized items featuring the Magnet® and Journey to Magnet Excellence® logos with your organization's name and logo. The Summit Group is a wholesale vendor and can procure any promotional product commercially available. For pricing and design concepts, please contact the ANCC E-Store Customer Service team or call 877.435.2011.


Call 301.628.5065 or email Shari Dixon

Starting the Journey to Magnet Excellence® is a worthy achievement! Inform everyone in your organization so they can participate in the Journey to Magnet Excellence recognition.

  • Incorporate information about Journey to Magnet Excellence® recognition and its certification mark on all branded materials, including website, letterhead, business cards, brochures, social media and any other vehicles which support your institution's market presence.
  • Order official Journey to Magnet Excellence® pins and promotional items for all nurses from the ANCC E-Store.
  • Send an alert via internal communications (newsletters, emails, and intranet).
  • Conduct an all-staff meeting to announce and celebrate the achievement, at which you can outline the importance of the Magnet Journey.
  • Ensure hospital leadership, including the Board of Directors, is well informed about the achievement and its meaning.

New Logo for ANCC & Journey to Magnet® Excellence
The updated ANCC brand includes new logos and a new tagline—Innovate. Involve. Inspire. 
The new logo preserves the hallmark laurel leaf image while the new tagline evokes the true spirit of ANCC programs as we serve wider audiences. A new logo is available for Journey to Magnet Excellence®. This fresh take on the appearance and approach will help ANCC and you convey the true spirit of the Journey to Magnet Excellence®.

Logos for Download
Note: Files are zipped for easier and faster downloading. When downloading, please use one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Safari.

EPS Format: Journey to Magnet Logo B/W [eps]
  Journey to Magnet Logo CMYK [eps]
  Journey to Magnet Logo PMS 3278 [eps]
JPG Format:  Journey to Magnet Logo B/W [jpg]
  Journey to Magnet Logo CMYK [jpg]
PNG Format: Journey to Magnet Logo B/W [png]
  Journey to Magnet Logo CMYK [png]

Read Logo Guidelines

Logo Usage Tips

There must be a .25" margin of white space surrounding all four sides of the logo. To maintain readability, the logo should not be reduced to a proportional size of less than 1.125" wide.

Logo Color
Logos are available in black and white (B/W) and color (PMS 3278 or CMYK). The content of your marketing material and type of print production determines which color process to use.

CMYK Color: This term refers to the ink colors used by printing presses. C is cyan (blue); M is magenta; Y is yellow; and K is black. CMYK, also known as process color, is best for photography or full color images or illustrations.

PMS Color: This term refers to Pantone Matching System (PMS), the most common spot color printing system. PMS color is best for color consistency across multiple pages; color blocks on large items such as posters; use with metallic or fluorescent inks; and when specific colors are required.

File Format

Select the logo file format best suited to the media you will use to display the logo.
Note: Files are zipped for easier and faster downloading.

EPS Format: Preferred by graphic design professionals, EPS format is best for high resolution images or illustrations, including signage, booth displays, or banners where an image must be scaled larger without losing sharpness. EPS files can typically only be read by graphic design software, such as Quark or Photoshop.

JPG Format: Best for online display, screen display of presentation or word processing files, or print publishing of illustrations, graphics and photographs. Great for laser and inkjet printing! Not suitable for high resolution graphics.

PNG Format: Best for online media including web buttons or banners, charts or diagrams, screen shots, cartoons, text headings, small web animations. Do not use for photographs.

Call 800.284.2378 or email ANCC Marketing

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