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Anita Lymburner


NKC Consultant and Educator

The site visit for Magnet® designation is a high-energy and meaningful event for the organization and the appraisers. The chief nursing officer (CNO) and the lead appraiser set the tone prior to the arrival of the appraisers.

  • Prepare the units with the opportunity to learn about the rest of the organization. It is one of the few times everyone speaks out about their wonderful accomplishments. Relish and spread this enriching experience.
  • Be sure units have the DATA they need and can SPEAK about the material in the document!
    • Recent nurse satisfaction results and action plan.
    • Nurse-sensitive indicators for previous eight quarters: “We outperformed the national average in...”
    • Improvement projects, evidence-based practice changes, and innovations: “We have improved...”
    • Certification rate: “Our unit has ___ % of staff certified in their specialty.”
    • Education rate and professional advancement rate.
  • Be sure interview leaders/members and unit staff can enthusiastically tell appraisers about their top five accomplishments: “You need to know this about our excellent unit/council!”
  • Be flexible. Schedules may change.


Every level takes the lead to showcase the organization’s pride, results, and aspirations.


This article was originally published in July 2014.

Use of ANA Consultation Services does not guarantee ANCC approval. ANA consultants and staff cannot influence the actions of ANCC program staff or decisions of the Commission on Magnet® Recognition, Commission on Pathway to Excellence®, or Commission on Accreditation.

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