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ANA You Series Book Bundle

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ANA You Series Book Bundle
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The ANA You Series touches on all the important issues that you face in your daily practice as a registered nurse (RN).

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The ANA You Series touches on all the important issues that you face in your daily practice as a registered nurse (RN). Whether at the bedside or in the boardroom, leadership is a critical skill set for all RNs. The You Series can help you create a safer and more effective workplace environment and achieve skills for success.

Being a nurse requires more than just caring for patients. It also requires professional awareness in the work environment and a full understanding of your nursing duties and obligations. As an RN, your knowledge expands far beyond clinical acumen and practice. Your skills must include a level of leadership, communication, and collaboration that enables you to make effective and ethical decisions. Most importantly, you have a responsibility to yourself and your patients, families, and community to make your health and well-being a priority through self-care.

The You Series book bundle includes:

Bullying in the Workplace: Reversing a Culture by Joy Longo, PhD, MS, RNC-NIC 
For the nurse who wants to understand and deal with bullying and lateral violence and its perpetrators, and to counter a culture of bullying in the work environment, this is your guide to developing the needed professional awareness, knowledge, and skills. Tip cards are also available.

Communication, Collaboration, and You: Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Nursing Practice by Cynthia Saver, MS, RN, and Meaghan O'Keeffe, BSN, RN 
This book is for the nurse who wants to develop or improve the communication needed in today's interprofessional health care settings. Based on the premise that effective communication is required for effective collaboration, this guide is a rich source of practical and readily applicable insights and ideas.

Delegation and You: What to Delegate and to Whom by Melanie Duffy, MSN, RN, CCRN, CCNS, and Shirley Fields McCoy, MS, RN-BC 
For the RN needing guidance in how to delegate responsibilities to patient care assistants and unlicensed assistive personnel and related decision-making: what you need to know before delegation, what can and can't be delegated, typical barriers to delegation, practice environment considerations, and a criteria-based, six-step process.

Mindfulness and You: Being Present in Nursing Practice by Dawn Bazarko, DNP, MPH, RN 
For any nurse seeking an evidence-based way to enhance health and well-being, this book addresses the impact of stress, mindfulness—in general and health care contexts in particular—and how to start a mindfulness practice and integrate it into your self-care routine.

Moral Distress and You: Supporting Ethical Practice and Moral Resilience in Nursing by Cynda H. Rushton, PhD, RN, FAAN, and Melissa J. Kurtz, MSN, MA, RN 
This book is for the nurse who needs hands-on knowledge, skills, and tools to recognize and address situations that create moral distress; develop resilience, resolve, and other capacities to deal with it; and prevent incidents by recognizing the consequences of moral distress for you, your team, and your patients.

Nurse Staffing 101: A Decision-making Guide for the RN by Lauri Lineweaver, BSN, RN 
For the RN who wants to help contribute to attaining levels of nurse staffing needed to achieve quality outcomes, this is your guide to staffing decision-making and planning to effectively mitigate job-related burnout, job dissatisfaction, and increased risk for patient safety.

Self-Care and You: Caring for the Caregiver by Kim Richards, RN, NC-BC 
This book is for the nurse seeking an integrated approach to self-care practice. Organized by six self-care pathways, it includes plenty of examples, guidelines, tips, techniques, and insights about each pathway to help you assess and guide your self-care journey.

For bulk or invoice purchases, please contact

For orders of 20 or more, please contact for reduced shipping amount.

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