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ANCC Announces 2016 Accreditation Premier Program Award Winner

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) announced today that the American Nurses Association Massachusetts Accredited Approver Unit (ANA MA AU) is the recipient of its 2016 Accreditation Premier Program Award. ANA MA AU was selected as a model of excellence for approving organizations and/or individuals who provide continuing nursing education.

"ANCC is proud to recognize the exemplary work of the American Nurses Association Massachusetts Accredited Approver Unit to support approved providers and individual activity applicants in developing continuing nursing education that has a positive impact on nursing professional development and contributes to improved patient outcomes," said ANCC Interim Chief Officer Kathy Chappell, PhD, RN, FAAN, FNAP.

"The unit's Nurse Peer Review Leader, Judy Sheehan, MSN, RN, has demonstrated leadership as an innovator and mentor in the environment of continuing nursing education. Judy's energy, passion, and character resonate in the Approver Unit's ability to impact nursing professional development and the art of nursing through clinical practice and health outcomes," said ANCC Senior Operations Manager, Primary Accreditation, Jennifer Graebe, BSN, SANE-A.

Sheehan will be an esteemed collaborator and panelist at this year's ANCC Primary Accreditation Accredited Approver workshop in August.

ANCC Accreditation Premier Program Award
The ANCC Accreditation Premier Program Award recognizes ANCC-accredited continuing nursing education providers and approvers that continually raise the bar for quality and/or employ cutting-edge practices in continuing nursing education. Award applications are accepted annually and organizations that apply are evaluated with rigor through a peer-review process by ANCC Primary Accreditation Appraisers and a member of the Commission on Accreditation. Winning organizations act as exemplars in the field of continuing nursing education.

Accredited organizations that hold Premier Program status are expected to mentor other continuing nursing education organizations, continually provide and disseminate best practices, publish, and assist ANCC in advancing high-quality continuing nursing education activities.

American Nurses Association Massachusetts Approver Unit
The American Nurses Association Massachusetts Accredited Approver Unit (ANA MA AU) is committed to professional development for its continuing education staff and volunteer leadership, as well as the staff and volunteers of its approved providers. The unit employs best practices and seeks opportunities for learning, sharing, mentoring, and collaborating within and among these groups. The ANA MA AU is active in the Association for Nursing Professional Development and has also established an informal network with other state nurses associations—such as the New Jersey State Nurses Association, the Pennsylvania State Nurses Association, and the New England Multi-State Division—to foster dialogue on best approval practices.

According to ANA MA Past President Myra Cacace, MS, GNP/ADM-BC, CDE, "ANA Massachusetts' vision and mission highlight our commitment to the advancement of the nursing profession and quality patient care across the Commonwealth. Our excellent Approver Unit works in concert with our Board of Directors to increase the knowledge and expertise of all Massachusetts nurses in the areas of advocacy, education, leadership, and practice. Members of the Approver Unit regularly provide updates and progress reports, attend Board of Directors meetings each year, and are key players at our annual strategic planning retreat."

The ANA MA AUbelieves that the value of continuing nursing education (CNE) lies in the ability to impact the practice of nursing. ANA MA AU leaders are committed to acting as change agents and are accountable in ensuring the delivery of quality CNE through a myriad of processes, including leadership planning; bi-annual presentations at the Provider Symposia; and providing content on ANCC criteria, Educational Design Principles, and new approaches to the delivery of CNE for the ANA MA newsletter, which is distributed to more than 122,000 RNs. The ANA MA AU provides guidance, education, and support to its Approved Providers and Individual Activity Providers throughout Massachusetts and to neighboring constituents. They employ an Approved Provider application process that provides initial feedback and the opportunity for one resubmission/clarification followed by a virtual visit by the Nurse Peer Review Leader. The ANA MA AU has developed an innovative electronic activity application, which is utilized in Massachusetts as well as in other states and Canada.

Through its staff and volunteer leaders, ANA MA's AU supports creativity, innovation, and change, which inspires others to be successful in providing quality CNE. The transformational leadership of the Nurse Peer Review Leader and co-chairs of the AU ensures that the Board of Directors is informed by providing updates and consultation regarding ANCC criteria, priorities, and the ongoing activities of the AU.

About ANCC
ANCC is the world's largest and most prestigious nurse credentialing organization. ANCC's internationally renowned credentialing programs certify nurses in specialty practice areas; recognize healthcare organizations for promoting safe, positive work environments through the Magnet Recognition Program® and the Pathway to Excellence® Program; and accredit providers of continuing nursing education, skills competency programs, and transition-to-practice programs. ANCC provides leading-edge information and education services and products to support its core credentialing programs. ANCC continues to drive nursing excellence, quality care, and improved outcomes globally through innovation, research, and operational positive practice.

ANCC is part of the ANA Enterprise. The ANA Enterprise comprises the American Nurses Association, the American Nurses Credentialing Center, and the American Nurses Foundation.

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