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Your job is taking care of others. Our job is taking care of you.

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Free Hilton Hotel Rooms – A powerful ANA membership benefit that helps your whole family stay safe

Nothing keeps you from giving the best patient care.  But ANA knows that nurses are worried about what they might bring home at the end of their shift – how can they keep their families safe while working in this pandemic?

That is why ANA is so excited to partner with the American Nurses Foundation, Hilton, and American Express to bring our members this exciting new Member benefit.  Starting Monday April 13th, ANA members can reserve free rooms at Hilton hotels to free you from the worry of contaminating your home.

What is the offer?

  • Hilton is offering 1 million free room nights to frontline medical personnel – including nurses who are ANA members.
  • Reserve up to 7 consecutive nights at Hilton hotels across the US – for free.
  • The offer runs April 13th through the end of May.

Why is the offer limited to ANA members?

  • Hilton has required that participating associations limit the offer to members to help to ensure that the offer gets to who it was intended to reach – frontline healthcare workers treating COVID-19 patients.
  • ANA is one of 19 healthcare associations partnering with Hilton on this offer.

How do I participate?

Access the full FAQ document  here.

Due to unprecedented demand for the Hilton Free Room Offer, availability of free rooms are not guaranteed for all locations. 

One million thank yous to our members

Join us now to take advantage of this free room offer.


Hilton “Free Hotel Rooms for ANA Members” Program Frequently Asked Questions: Nurses who are not ANA members

Hilton Free Room Offer Specifics

What is the offer from Hilton?
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hilton, in partnership with its owners and American Express, will donate one million rooms nights for frontline medical professionals in the United States. Frontline medical personnel, including Nurses, Physicians, EMT and other frontline healthcare professionals.  You will be able to access these rooms at no cost to you.

Will nurses pay anything for the rooms? Is a credit card required?
There is no cost to the ANA member for rooms reserved through this program!  A credit card guarantee will only be needed if you plan to arrive later than 6pm local hotel time. If you arrive prior to 6pm, no credit card will be necessary to confirm the reservation. A credit card will be required for any incidental charges.

Where are hotel rooms available?
Hotel rooms will be available in all 50 US states.  Specific inventories will vary and can be accessed via the Hilton link of the ANA website.  Specific hotels that are not included may have either suspended operations or are already fully committed by the government and/or other medical teams.

What Hilton brands are participating in the offer?
Rooms will be available across a variety of Hilton brands, including Hampton by Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn, DoubleTree by Hilton and others.

When does the Hilton offer start?
April 13, 2020

When does the Hilton offer end?
The program is currently set to run through May 31, 2020.  

Do I have to be a frontline nurse caring for COVID-19 patients to take advantage of the free room offer?
This program is specifically designed so that nurses caring for COVID-19 patients have a safe place to sleep and do not have to risk bringing the infection they encounter at work to their families and home. The number of rooms in this promotion, while substantial, is limited and we ask ANA members to allow frontline nurses to access this inventory.  

How is Hilton paying for this program?
American Express, Hilton’s long-standing strategic partner, is investing alongside Hilton in the donation of the hotel rooms, which will be provided at or below cost by Hilton’s network of independent owners and franchisees. Thanks to the generous donation from American Express, Hilton will be able to provide a nominal fee to our hotel owners so that they can pay to operate the rooms, including supporting our Team Members. While many hotel owners would like to supply rooms for free, they are also feeling the financial impact of this crisis.  

Offer Eligibility Questions

Do I have to be an ANA member to be eligible for the offer?
Yes.  Non-members must join ANA to access this offer.

Why is there a requirement that nurses be a member of ANA to participate in the ANA offer?
Hilton has required all the associations they are partnering with to limit the offer to members only.  That is their control that the people reaching their portal are actually nurses who are working on the front lines of this COVID-19 crisis.  Each organization participating in this offer is limiting the offer access to just members.

What other associations is Hilton working with?

Hilton has partnered with 19 other associations in addition to ANA.  That list includes:

  • American Academy of Physician Assistants
  • American Association of Nurse Practitioners
  • American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
  • American Association of Nurse Anesthetists
  • American Association of Respiratory Care
  • American College of Emergency Physicians
  • American College of Surgeons
  • American Healthcare Association
  • American Hospital Association
  • American Osteopathic Association
  • American Society of Anesthesiologists
  • American Thoracic Society
  • Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association
  • Emergency Nurses Association
  • National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians
  • National Center for Assisted Living
  • Society of Critical Care Medicine
  • Society of Emergency Medicine Physician Assistants
  • Society of Hospital Medicine

Room Reservation Questions

How do I participate in ANA’s “free room” offer?
Non-members must join ANA by going to

Why do I have to sign in to access the offer?
At Hilton’s request, this offer is open to active ANA members only. Therefore member sign in is required to ensure eligibility.

RELEASE: You agree, on behalf of yourself and all of your personal representatives, heirs, executors, administrators, agents, and assigns, to release and discharge ANA and its subsidiaries, as well as their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, successors, and assigns, from any claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of your use of Free Hilton Hotel Rooms and related services, which are made available to you through your ANA membership.

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